Electronic payments and cash, is it revolution? Research

Electronic payments and cash, is it revolution? Research
Electronic payments and cash, is it revolution? Research

Electronic payments and cash, how are they changing and will they change? Hypotheses and predictions in the research, in which direction we are going

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The topic and the thematic of payments, about those electronic he was born in cash, it is always of great interest and wins the attention of many: in what direction are you going, what are the assumptions and predictions, what emerges from the Research of the consulting company Accenture and the Politecnico di Milano? The details, what it is.

A topic and a sector that arouses great attention, that of payments, taken into consideration in the above Research who analyzed i trend e i changes which took place in the context of the pandemic, going in the direction of the use of digital tools.

This is the starting point that can be read on The Economy – The Corriere della Sera in this regard, he explains that according to the estimates of the Politecnico di Milano, in the first half of the current year i contactless payments for “in store” purchases increased by 66%, and digital payments by 23% for online purchases.

Compared to global transactions in this decade, we read, the value that would pass from cash to digital it would be around 2,700 billion, 40 billion in Italy. Great changes are therefore expected.

Electronic payments and cash, research: banks and digital currencies

Therefore important ideas emerge from the Research of Accenture and the Politecnico di Milano, as reported by The Economy – The Corriere della Sera, through which the sector of payments, also explained by the words of Colangelo, Accenture’s Financial Services Lead.

The latter explained that precisely this sector of the payments, from the pandemic, he came out strengthened and inflicted, “With a sharply increasing cash-non-cash conversion rate”.

Likewise, the latter explained that the opportunities of growth will have to be grasped by the players who will have to draw inspiration from FinTechs, “leveraging the creation of open platforms enabled by new technologies, such as cloud and artificial intelligence ”.

the banks will be able to focus on the definition of new products, we read, or on the logic of “embedded banking”.

In the research in question carried out on the 40 main European banks, it emerged that the latter expect that by 2030, cash will no longer be used, with the cryptovalute which will represent 10 per cent of transactions, i “mobile wallets” which will have replaced plastic cards and Bnpi solutions will take the place of credit cards.

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According to the research, the styles of consumption with electronic payments more and more widespread; the use of digital coins for 35% of European banks; the spread of new technologies, as cloud and artificial intelligence for 35% of the above.

These are some of the data, hypotheses and forecasts that emerged from the research in question, which can be read on The Economy – The Corriere della Sera.

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