Bonus for scooters and bikes, for those who have an incentive of up to 750 euros and how to apply

Bonus for scooters and bikes, for those who have an incentive of up to 750 euros and how to apply
Bonus for scooters and bikes, for those who have an incentive of up to 750 euros and how to apply

Finally there are rules to be able to use of the bike bonus e monopattini. On October 29th it was published in Official Gazette the decree of Ministry of Economy .driven by Daniele Franco. with the implementing rules for the discount up to 750 euro. Those who have made the purchase of one of these vehicles at the end of 2020 are involved, as foreseen by the then Relaunch decree more than a year ago. The discount will come as tax credit: here’s how and for whom.

Bonus bikes and scooters, the audience involved

The incentive concerns all citizens who they bought electric bikes o muscular, monopattini electric, but also subscriptions to public transport and shared or sustainable electric mobility services, by scrapping another vehicle, from 1st August to 31st December 2020. There are in the field 5 million euros.

From the squeeze on the scooters to the pink parking lots, the news of the transport dl. News for public transport and driving licenses

The new vehicle had to have “CO2 emissions between 0 and 110 g / km“. At the time of purchase, therefore, you must have delivered another vehicle for scrapping category M1 (which are those for the transport of people, with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat). The latter must have been made out to the Previous 12 months to the person who bought the new vehicle or to one of the cohabiting family members.

The persons involved will then now receive the tax credit up to 750 euros to be used in three years. The latter cannot be combined with other tax concessions for the same expense and must be included in the tax return as a reduction of the taxes due. no later than the 2022 tax period.

Bonus bikes and scooters, how to apply

To obtain the bonus, the application must be made on the website of theRevenue Agency, with the procedure that will be activated in days. In the request, however, it will be necessary to indicate the amount of the expense incurred, with the Agency which will determine the percentage of the tax credit that will be due to each applicant on the basis of the available resources.

Modified electric bikes, fines in Naples for 93 thousand euros. Carabinieri checks also on scooters

The legislative tightening on scooters

Meanwhile with the last Infrastructure and Transport decree, definitively approved in Parliament, a squeeze on the use of scooters has arrived. The following were introduced: the ban on parking on pavements and dedicated parking areas, the reduction of maximum speed from 25 to 20 km / h, the confiscation of the rigged vehicle and the compulsory helmet for minors. It will also be possible to make a taxi service with motorcycles and cycles.

Scooters, helmet and insurance will not be compulsory


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