Do you have the coin with the owl? Here is its official value

The “coin with the owl” has stirred the spirits of many collectors around the world: it is the 1 euro coin produced by the Republic of Greece since 2002 which shows this animal on one side, which in reality it is an owl, historical “companion” of the goddess Athena, divinity of wisdom, knowledge and warfare of the ancient Greek cults.

As with all the currencies that are part of the single European currency, this too has a “face” common to all those made in the rest of the continent.

Coin with the owl, where did it come from?

The Hellenic nation chose this representation at the end of the 1990s, taking up the image of the owl present on an ancient 4 drachma coin dating back to the 5th century BC, that is the classical period of Greek culture. Made right in the city of Athens, which bears the name of one of the most important divinities of the entire Hellenic pantheon, it still enjoys an important cultural strength today. But what led numismatics enthusiasts to collect this coin, which appears to be on average common?

Here is its official value

What determines the value of a coin is represented by several factors: the rarity, the historical context, the conditions of conservation but also the “demand” on the part of enthusiasts, which in this case has raised the valuations. The 1 euro coin from Greece was made in important runs but above all in the versions of the first series, made from 2002 to 2007, it was particularly coveted especially due to a detail present in the examples made in the early years, namely a letter S present in a star in the front part, just below the owl.

In reality it is the symbol of the mint of Finland which in the early 2000s was used for the production of these coins, a production that later passed to that of Athens. Even the most sought-after ones, namely those of 2002, made in several tens of millions of specimens are not worth different sums from the nominal one of 1 euro even in conditions Brilliant Uncirculated.


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