Ftse Mib: possible correction now. Buy Banco BPM or Bper?

Below is the interview on the Ftse Mib index and on some of the blue chips listed on Piazza Affari, with questions addressed to Roberto Scudeletti, independent trader and owner of the website www.prtrading.it.

The Ftse Mib leaves behind a very positive week that has taken it to new heights since the beginning of the year. Will the bull run continue?

The breaking of the previous highs, even with yet another gap up, caused a vertical bullish acceleration of the Ftse Mib, with the high of the year not confirmed at the end, which also opens the door to a possible short-term correction.

Attention therefore to the loss of the zone 27.520-27.370 points which could trigger a descent towards the first support of the daily 12-period average and the closing of the aforementioned gap, around 27.045-26.895 points.

Possible further study on the 24-period average daily at 26,580 points and the double daily and weekly support in the area of ​​26,230-26,200 points, whose stability should favor an immediate resumption of prices.

Only above the annual maximum of the Ftse Mib at 27,867 points will the price flight continue towards new bullish approaches, on weekly and monthly targets, first around 28 thousand-28100 points and then towards the 28.330-28.590 points zone.

Banco BPM flew last Friday after the accounts, while Bper Banca was less lively. What can you tell us about both?

Banco BPM was the protagonist of a good rise, culminating in the false breaking of a full price level, which was followed by the recent corrective phase, including daily rebounds, supports and resistances, with subsequent double relative decreasing maximum and present corrective phase .

In fact, the stock made an excellent and robust inversion characterized by increasing minimums and maximums, up to the recent top just above 3 euros, lost with the double correction just above 2.46 euros, second top always above 3 euros and current relapse to approximately € 2.73-2.90.

Further bullish scenarios for Banco BPM above 2.92 euros, with supports at 2.80-2.730 euros and resistances at 3.10-3.250 euros.

After a good rise, BPER Banca pretends to break a previous resistance and from here, a typical bull trap, begins a fairly deep corrective phase, with a recent rebound with the formation of a double declining top and the present logical corrective phase.

Bper Banca had in fact embarked on a good rise, characterized by increasing lows and maximums, up to the last relative maximum just above € 2.17, with a bearish acceleration around € 1.53, a powerful rebound on the double declining top to € 2.112 and current descent in the zone 1,875-1,95 euros approximately.

New progress for Bper Banca will be above € 2.01, with supports at € 1.910-1.861 and resistances at € 2.15-2.258.

How do you assess the current structure of Banca Generali and Banca Mediolanum and what strategies can you suggest for both?

After a long and wide lateral movement of over five years, Banca Generali has recently passed the top of this rectangle that delimited the undulating trend, with this practically vertical climb, reaching new historical records.

In fact, after a wide fluctuation of more than five years between about 33 and 17 euros, at the break of the previous highs of around 33.40 euros, the stock has accelerated strongly, with the current race to new historical highs just above 42 euros. .

New progress will be made for Banca Generali above 42.50 euros, with supports at 40.75-39.90 euros and resistances at 45.10-46 euros, in uncharted territory.

Banca Mediolanum was the protagonist of a clear upward trend that began after the pandemic collapse, characterized by perfect minimums and maximums, up to the recent relative maximum, with this corrective phase and an attempt to rebound on important daily support.

In fact, the stock has developed a continuous rise, up to the top of last October just under 9.90 euros, correction on the daily average at 100 periods at 8.70 with the current recovery towards about 8.97-8.94 euros.

New progress for Banca Mediolanum will be above € 9.19, with supports at € 8.78-8.58 and resistances at € 9.786-10.14.

What titles are you following most closely at this stage? Which ones do you recommend to look at now?


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