Do you have the coin with the cross? Here’s what it might be worth

The history of the coin is dotted with often very famous and immediately recognizable issues: even with the arrival of the euro the quantity of coins has increased exponentially also from the point of view of variety: each user country, today 19, mintes its own coins with their own representations that are present on one side of the specimen, while the other has a “face” common to all the others.

The variety of specimens increases with the commemorative ones, made on the “base” of two euros, which to date have reached almost 400 varieties.

Coin with the cross

One of the most ancient and used symbols, the cross is present on several 1 and 2 euro coins: in addition to a strong religious symbolism of Christian values, the cross is also present on many flags and on widespread symbolism. Some specimens, such as the following, can reach very interesting figures.

Euro Cyprus

It is not a real cross, but it is often exchanged as such: the 1 and 2 euro coins of Cyprus have a cross-shaped idol dating back to the Chalcolithic period (3000 BC) which comes from the village of Promos, a work considered among the most important of prehistoric times.

These do not have an extremely high value as a rarity factor, but given the limited circulation some examples such as the 1 euro coin of 2008, and the 2 euro coin minted in 2015 are more sought after, and can be worth from 5 to 15 euros, if in condition. perfect.

Euro Slovakia

The one present on the 1 and 2 euro coins of Slovakia is instead a real cross, it is a patriarchal cross placed on the three peaks of the Carpathian mountains, also present on the flag of the country. I am looking for every coin that is in excellent condition: an enthusiast could pay a 1 euro or 2 euro coin, both of which have the same representation, even up to 20 euro if in Brilliant Uncirculated.


coin cross Heres worth

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