10 thousand km with the VW ID.4: Antonio’s report card

10 thousand km with the VW ID.4: Antonio’s report card
10 thousand km with the VW ID.4: Antonio’s report card

10 thousand km with the VW ID.4: Antonio is another reader who agreed to share his first experiences in electric (before he drove one on methane). His story follows that of Marco, with the Mini Cooper SE. Di Ivan with the used Nissan Leaf. Di Daniele with the Kia e-Niro. Di Antonio, with the 500. Another Antonio, with the Renault Twingo, Luigi, with the Tesla Model Y, Franco with the VW ID.3. Di Marco, with the Peugeot e-208 Anyone who wants to share his impressions on the transition to electric can write to us by email [email protected].

from Antonio Barbato

“LI love Perugia, but I live in 40 km from the Umbrian capital, so I travel every day. I’ll tell you about my first courses 10,000km in 3 months of my Volkswagen ID.4 77kW.

10 thousand km with the VW ID.4: “I tried the Kona and the Leaf, then …”

It was a few years ago that I wanted to switch to an electric, to try this new experience and I knew that I could run into infrastructure problems. I first tried one a couple of years ago, one Hyundai Kona. As you well know the prices were too much for my pockets, so I waited for them to drop a bit, but then the incentives have arrived. Last year I found, via the internet, that you could take a 3 day test drive of a Nissan Leaf: I did it and from there I fell in love with the electric. In January of this year the Volkswagen dealer in my country made me try the ID.3 for 4 days and from there I decided that this was my next car. Then she went out la ID.4 and, taking advantage of the incentives plus some discounts from my trusted dealership, I bought the ID.4 1st.“.

10 thousand km with the VW ID.4: “Free recharge with Telepass”

There is nothing to say about the car, aesthetically beautiful and captivating, comfortable, silent like all electric cars, spacious. The interior finishes are good, although I would improve some details, but I am more than happy and I will not go back. I passed from a methane car to an electric car and I hit the right time given the excessive increase in the price of methane. Taking advantage of the promotion Telepass I’m traveling for free: I load every 2/3 days at the columns near where I work. Then at home I have no problems, I already have a 4 kW photovoltaic system,. And soon I will do the increase with the 110% bonus with accumulation, column and passage to the three-phase, better than that … I do 80km per day between there and back for work, then a few strolls with his son: I take him to the pool, to tennis and to music. A trip almost every Sunday with the family and you want them not to do itor those 100 / 150km when it goes well, a few trips to Rome as the first stop on the motorway, and here in three months I have covered almost 10,000km.

A bad experience with charging in Anagni

Now I’ll tell you about my first trip of 350km from the province of Perugia to province of Caserta. I want to give the columns a title Enel X Fast, (the only ones that are located a few km from the motorway exits). Bad experience. Will you tell yourself why? Oro I’ll explain the reason: departure from the province of Perugia 14 of 31/10/2021 with the 93% charge, already planned the trip with all the columns that are located at the motorway exit. I maintain a speed of 125km per hour, knowing that with this average I do not arrive at my destination, but if I decrease the speed I arrive at my destination but almost zero recharge. I decide to make a stop by exiting ad Anagni, where less than a km there is a 60kW Fast column. I arrived around 4pm and, as expected by the app, it was free and working. This is where my misadventure begins.

“Forced to travel at an average of 100 to get there”

Carta Enel X after a minute tells me: ‘card not active‘. I try again, same answer. I try the cards Nextcharge e We CHARGE, same answer. I also try several times with the related apps, but nothing to do: he did not read the cards and the apps didn’t connect either. I thought it was a problem with the bollard. I leave after about half an hour, take the highway and go out at the next exit Ferentino (FR), where there is another EnelX Fast column, but also here the same thing. And I didn’t understand why. I leave again and make another stop in Frosinone-Ceprano: same column, same problem. After a few moments via the App. NextChange all the columns appear under maintenance and then I get confirmation from EnelX that the network is under maintenance. I panic a bit, I have about 150km to go to the finish, and the car gives 180km of autonomy.. I decide to go to the 100 km/h and keeping this average I arrive at my destination almost to zero.

“A great pizza while charging in an IP dispenser”

After about two hours I get the message from EnelX that the network has been restored. I decide to make a last stop at the exit Caianello (Enelx Fast post already programmed). Charging is in a IP distributor, free and functional, with autonomy remaining at 26%. I charge the car around 7 pm, luckily there is a pizzeria nearby so we take the opportunity to have dinner. In the great chaos of the columns, in the end we were rewarded with an excellent pizza, as I hadn’t eaten for a long time … We leave after about 50 minutes with autonomy all’85%, It is down have 130 pfor the last km. Return trip without any problem, I decide to stop a Orte (VT), where there are two columns: one Enel X from 60kW it’s a Be Charge da 75kW. I opt for the second one, everything goes according to plan, I stop with 30% autonomy and leave after about half an hour with 85%“.

10 thousand km with a VW ID.4: Exceptional car …

What about my first trip? Exceptional car on all points of view. Infrastructure is still lagging behind and, now that electric cars have increased, it is necessary to increase the columns. Incentives are not enough to buy cars, but to intensify the electricity grid. Enel should notify first if there is a blackout of the columns, not later.


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