so they clone your card during withdrawal

Scammers are always ready to come up with a method to scam people. A new alarm concerns credit card cloning

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the scams they have always existed and as old as man is. With the passing of the centuries and the advent of computer science even the models of scams have changed, becoming telematics or, in any case, related to the use of technology.

Lately a scam seems to have taken hold in Italy that targets people who are in ATM cash machine for a withdrawal. In fact, during the withdrawal operations, malicious people manage to clone credit cards.

Consequence of all this? Accounts emptied. Let’s see how this new scam works and how to defend yourself.

ATMs, here’s how they clone the card and how to defend yourself

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As mentioned, among the scams that are becoming increasingly popular in Italy there is the one related to ATMs. The bad guys are able to clone the credit card using a small device which is positioned exactly where the card is inserted in the ATM.

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We are talking about the skimmer, an electronic device that can clone the inserted credit card. So be careful, when we withdraw, not to notice anything strange in the slot in which to insert the credit card. This device, however, alone is not enough to complete the scam.

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When the card is inserted into the skimmer, another attacker uses the method of Shoulder Surfing which consists of peek over the victim’s shoulder in order to memorize the PIN code of the current account. If the scammer can’t see the PIN, he can place one small camera pointing straight at the keypad, in order to record what it needs.

To try to counter this type of scam you need to follow a few small tricks such as jealously guard your PIN and not disclose it to nobody; when we type it into the ATM, let’s do it away from prying eyes and place a hand over the keypad cover, in order to prevent the scammer from knowing the code.

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