Azimut, 35 million euros for the largest innovation hub in Southern Italy

Azimut, 35 million euros for the largest innovation hub in Southern Italy
Azimut, 35 million euros for the largest innovation hub in Southern Italy

Making the largest hub for innovation in Southern Italy. With the aim of promoting technological and entrepreneurial progress in the entire Mediterranean area. Harmonic Innovation Hub and Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr, acting in the name and on behalf of Harmonic Innovation Group and the Infrastructure Fund for Growth – ESG (Ipc), have announced that they have completed a binding agreement for the construction of the new hub.

The Infrastructure Fund for Growth – ESG di Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr will invest over 35 million euros for the realization of this new cutting-edge project, nicknamed Harmonic Innovation Hub. It will have an area of ​​20 thousand square meters and will be close to the business and industrial university of Catanzaro, in the Municipality of Tiriolo, 10 minutes from the intermodal hub of Lamezia Terme.

The works of the Harmonic Innovation Hub

The construction site will be opened by the end of the year for a duration of approximately 20 months. The new Harmonic Innovation Hub in Southern Italy will be built thanks to the purchase of a facility owned by Central Sicaf. Without any addition of new building volumes, it will be redeveloped in a green perspective on the basis of an architectural concept developed by Progetto CMR by Massimo Roj, a leading design studio and author of major interventions around the world.

The realization of the works will be managed directly by the Ipc Fund on the basis of the architectural concept of Progetto Cmr already defined between the parties and in accordance with a specific legality protocol. The aim of the project is the creation of a stable innovative ecosystem engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge technological solutions, capable of giving effective answers to the main environmental, social and economic criticalities of the Mediterranean area. At the same time promoting the growth and sustainable development of the same areas.

The activities of the hub wanted by Azimut

The activities of the hub wanted by Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr will focus in particular on five specific topics: circular economy, rural innovation, smart industry, smart society, life science. This approach constitutes an evolution of the model promoted over the last few years by Entopan, which has been able to connect startups and large corporations, activating the support of private capital, involving international industrial, scientific and financial partners. A strong common value system through a constant reference to the principles of harmonic innovation.

Model and ecosystem today perfectly coherent (and for many areas in advance) with the objectives and the instruments defined by the Pnrr for the acceleration and governance of economic and social transformation, which foresee investments of around 40 billion euros over the next 5 years. Acceleration, research, development, technology transfer and training activities will be integrated within the Harmonic Innovation Hub.

The hub – by physical extension and action – will be one of the largest innovation centers on the national territory, placing itself at the service of southern Italy and the entire Mediterranean area. Here it is planned to develop an operational network in which 50 major national and international players, 100 innovative startups, university spin-offs and SMEs, 200 researchers, innovation managers and 40 centers of competence will interact permanently. In this context, more than 100 expressions of interest have already been received from companies, start-ups, representative bodies, research and training institutes, to occupy spaces within the infrastructure.

In addition, the Harmonic Innovation Hub will reserve around 200 workstations for professionals who are more attentive to innovation issues, at facilitated conditions through the definition of specific agreements with the relevant Professional Orders and Funds, investors of the Infrastructure Fund for Growth. The project was born thanks to a network of over 600 including startups, SMEs, large corporates, competence centers and investment funds.

The protagonists

In addition to the Bruno Kessler Foundation (main scientific partner of the hub), the partners also include a significant team: NeXt Nuova Economia per Tutti, Banca Etica, Sefea Impact Sgr, Fondazione Fiorentino Scoppa, CHICO, Unindustria Calabria, Wish Innovation, Gruppo Rubbettino, Pactum Italia, The Techshop and others, enriched by stable collaborations with A Colorni-Hirschmann International Institute and with the regional and national university system.

Andrea Cornetti, CEO of Real Estate and Infrastructures of Azimut Libera Impresa SGR

“The investment in Harmonic Innovation Hub comes as a result of an in-depth dialogue with Entopan and represents the synthesis of what we had imagined when we started designing the IPC Fund, a tool dedicated to social infrastructures that follows an impact investing approach to produce effects positive social and environmental benefits and at the same time financial returns ”, he declares Andrea Cornetti, real estate and infrastructure managing director of Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr. “Our aim is to invest in infrastructures that look to the future by carrying out useful activities for the territory and for the country capable of generating long-term profitability and in a short time since the launch of the Fund we have carried out several projects, each with strong ESG characteristics also attributable to to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 agenda “.

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