Cashback, the big payback? Hypothesis of reimbursement of health care expenses

Perhaps the last word is not said. Cashback could be restored but related to health care costs. With refund on account instead of deduction.

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What if Cashback returns with the 2022 Budget Law? A hypothesis up to now almost utopian but which, in the last hours, he would unexpectedly regain altitude. This is not the classic version of the bonus designed by the Conte government to strengthen consumption and increase traceable transactions. The idea would be to transfer the effects of the Cashback to personal income tax deductions for health costs. Then the tax relief of 19%, which would be paid directly to the applicant citizen’s current account without having to wait for the tax return.

All of this, of course, would respect the basic rules of facilitation, already arranged at the time of the institution. Practically, all payments must be made via Pos, then with credit cards and debit cards, so as to prove the transaction has taken place. The new Cashback would therefore refer exclusively to the expenses of the healthcare sector, in practically all its aspects.

Cashback for health care costs: how it works

At the moment, it must be said, it is a mere hypothesis. However, as it stands, it still seems to have attracted the attention of the government during the discussions on the maneuver. The goal is to encourage greater availability for taxpayers, avoiding having to wait for the tax return in order to take advantage of the refunds. Basically, once a traceable expense related to health services has been made, the taxpayer will be reimbursed directly to the current account, effectively replacing the personal income tax deduction from 730. It is not clear, however, how it would work with the deductible.

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Surely, the aegis of the subsidy would include expenses relating to the purchase of drugs and medical devices, but also specialist services, laboratory tests and other types of analyzes. As for the deductible, the deduction as it is would apply to an amount of 129.11 euros. With the hypothetical new Cashback, on the basis of a possible expense of 400 euros and current deductible, the 19% deduction would allow a reimbursement of just over 51 euros, over 70 if the deductible were not applied. At the moment, however, everything is in the making. Even if it seems that the hypothesis has already found some agreed opinion. For example, by the General Computer Society (Sogei), which manages the tax system from an IT point of view.

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