Friuli, alarm for diesel cars, Adblue is missing. Skyrocketing prices

The situation of Adblue in Friuli.

Shocking news for all those who have Euro 5 and 6 vehicles in Friuli. The main company that supplies Adblue, theadditive necessary for the operation of diesel engines, announced that will suspend production

There are two main causes of this stop in production. The first is theincrease in the price of methane, which is essential for producing ammonia for Adblue. The second is the shortage of raw materials.


A real race to grab the latest cans with skyrocketing prices: from 25 cents to 50 cents per liter. Online stocks of Adblue have also been stormed, despite the staggering prices. On and a 5-liter tank costs about 17 euros, while for 10 liters the price rises between 23 euros and 40 euros. On the situation does not improve, on the contrary. There are those who took advantage of the situation and has decided to sell a can of Adblue at 1,800 euros.

Solutions on the net.

The weatherproof car cover

All accessories for the car

The high purity urea solution with pourer

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Author: Jeena Cucciniello

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