Home bonus, towards the confirmation of the discount on the invoice and credit transfer

(Teleborsa) – We go towards the extension of the various home bonuses, with some confirmations and news compared to the past, some bonuses are reduced to the extent of the deduction, to the benefit of Superbonus 110% that will remain cheaper, at least until 2024.

The Budget Law should now confirm, for all bonuses and not only for the Superbonus, the institutes of the invoice discounta and the credit assignment to a third intermediary. Two very important measures, since they allowed homeowners who did not have the availability of money to be able to carry out the redevelopment work of the house, accessing the tax credit facilities.

A strong confirmation solicited by the associations of the related categories (crafts, construction, windows, etc.), which they had written to the government expressing strong doubts about the non-extension. All industrial and artisanal companies – it was emphasized – have invested considerable amounts of their balance sheets in communication campaigns, in financial platforms and in agreements with the credit or multi-utilities sector aimed at communicating and offering the assignment of credit or discount on invoices. .

For the rest, the Maneuver extends most of the bonuses, with some scissors. The Superbonus 110% for condominiums it will be reduced only starting from 2024 to 70% and for 2025 to 65%, while the 110% super bonus for independent houses is confirmed only until 30 June 2022. Extended to 2024 the eco-bonus at 50% and 65%, the bonus facades (to a lesser extent than 60%) and the renovation bonus to 50%. The mobile bonuses at 50% but with a spending limit of 5 thousand euros

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