Fiat Tipo faces the moose test: here is the result – Auto World

Fiat Tipo faces the moose test: here is the result – Auto World
Fiat Tipo faces the moose test: here is the result – Auto World

Fiat Tipo it is a sedan that represented a change of pace and size compared to the car we had come to know in the eighties and nineties. Today it is a car that is more full-bodied also in terms of equipment and comfort, and consequently is intended for a different audience.

Recently the Spanish site did the moose test on a Type 5 doors of 2021, with a 1.0 T3 100 horsepower engine and Continental ContiEcoContact 6 tires. The result was not too bad, although the Fiat-branded car did not reach the target speed, which is 77 kilometers per hour. During the test, at that speed, the car was unable to return, after the first turn, within the outer limit of the cones, overwhelming them due to understeer but without losing too much overall stability. Once the demands are lowered, the test was passed at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, which is considered low in relation to the type of car.

The thesis is that the electronic stability control acted too carefully, causing the left front wheel to ‘lock’. In addition, the equipment of the tires could also have played a role, even in that case not perfectly suited to the grip required to increase speed. Much better went during the slalom test, where the steering response was not judged very well, but with a stability control compensation which in this case made it possible to maintain a high average speed during the exercise.

A similar test was carried out in 2016, with an entry speed of 72 kilometers per hour: even in that case, a good overall grip of the vehicle was noted, but without shining too much precisely because of the conservative configuration of the electronic stability systems. In the Euro NCAP crash test, that version obtained three stars for the basic set-up and 4 with the Safety Pack.

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Fiat Tipo faces moose test result Auto World

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