SPID, change of course for Poste Italiane: identification costs money

Poste Italiane has changed the procedure for obtaining the SPID. Identification at the Post Office now pays off by penalizing the technologically weaker categories.

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The digitization of services has taken a huge step forward in the past two years. The pandemic and the various lockdowns have certainly accelerated the process that inevitably increases in level in the technological age in which we live. In this context, there has been a huge increase in requests for digital identity has now become necessary in order to access to the telematic services of the public administration. Therefore, the number of activation of SPID credentials has grown exponentially, Public System of Digital Identity, especially at Poste Italiane.

The advantages of SPID at Poste Italiane

Most citizens have decided to rely on to Poste Italiane for the SPID request. This is because reference is made to a well-known, solid reality spread throughout the national territory. In addition to the reasons mentioned, one needs to be added practical procedure that you can start online and then finish it at a post office. Indeed, it is necessary identify to complete the operation. The methods for doing this are varied. They range from the SMS on the certified mobile phone associated with a PostePay Reader Bancoposta or Bancoposta product to Postamat Electronic Identity Card without PIN up to the National Service Card with PIN. Valid alternatives are, then, the Electronic Passport and the digital signature. All these solutions are highly technological and many citizens, especially the elderly, do not have them. Here is the convenience offered by Poste Italiane in being able to choose to conclude the identification at a Post Office.

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Identification at the counter, now you pay

By choosing to identify yourself at the counter, an appointment will be made to show the identity card to the Post Office operator so that the procedure for obtaining the SPID. If until a few days ago this service was free, today it is paid. Legitimate decision by Poste Italiane, collections are a hot topic and, given the need for all citizens to have the SPID, opting for paid identification will allow a increased earnings for the Italian company. Understandable from an economic point of view, the choice irritates the moral level since it will have consequences on the weakest part of the population, the elderly and those who are not very familiar with technology.

No more gratuitousness, therefore, but an identification cost of twelve euros.


SPID change Poste Italiane identification costs money

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