Arbismart’s RBIS will overtake Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba-Inu

Arbismart’s RBIS will overtake Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba-Inu
Arbismart’s RBIS will overtake Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba-Inu


The prices of Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba-Inu along with other cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed recently, surpassing all-time highs, albeit with dramatic highs and lows. Consequently, cryptocurrency investors need to protect their capital from the upcoming roller coaster decline of the cryptocurrency market. Either way, there is a coin, which is generating turmoil, which has maintained a consistent upward trajectory despite everything, and is gaining momentum at an incredible rate. RBIS, the native token behind the ArbiSmart platform is already increased by 723% and is expected to rise by 7,000% within just two years.

Arbismart and RBIS constantly increasing

The value of RBIS has risen steadily since it was introduced in 2019, without even going down during bear markets. While in 2020 the growth on an annual basis was 150%, in 2021 the growth has so far been 550%.

RBIS has been steadily climbing since it was introduced in 2019

One of the reasons is the token-powered utility. ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage, a low-risk, high-yield investment strategy that provides excellent hedging against a market decline.

Crypto arbitrage works by exploiting price inefficiencies on exchanges. These are windows in which a cryptocurrency is temporarily available at different prices at the same time.

ArbiSmart is integrated with 35 exchanges, and scans hundreds of coins 24/7 for price differences. The algorithm generates a profit by automatically buying the coin on the exchange where it has the lowest price and then immediately sells it on the exchange where it has the highest price.

Arbismart scansiona 35 exchange 24/7

Just sign up, fund your account and that’s it. The system converts your capital into RBIS and uses it to earn profits on your behalf, starting at 10.8% up to 45% per year, depending on the size of your deposit.

Temporary price inefficiencies can arise for all sorts of reasons, such as differences in trading volume and liquidity between larger and smaller exchanges. They will continue to occur even if the market collapses, which means that your crypto capital will not lose its value in a crash and your ROI will remain constant in a bull or bear market.

So, compared to almost all other forms of cryptocurrency investing, the profits are relatively predictable. You can see, in advance, how much you will make with any deposit amount over any period of time, using the platform’s return calculator, which factories crypto arbitrage profits as well as compound interest on those earnings.

Arbismart has a yield calculator to check your profits

It is worth noting that ArbiSmart also offers the possibility of earning up to 1% per day of passive income, placing the funds in a locked savings account, closed for a predetermined period.

Capital gains provide another source of profits. The RBIS token has already climbed 710% and shows no signs of losing momentum. In fact, it is expected to rise to 40 times its current value by 2023.

A promising prospect

The bright future predicted by analysts rests, in part, on the fact that the coming weeks and months will see a flurry of activity.

New utilities are on the way for RBIS

To begin with, at the end of this quarter, the RBIS token will be listed. Once the token is available on exchanges, demand is set to rise, as it will become available to all people who do not meet the regulatory requirements of the EU licensed platform, including those who wish to remain anonymous or are from a country from which ArbiSmart cannot accept customers.

Another factor that is about to drive demand is the release of a number of new RBIS utilities slated for launch between late Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. These developments include an interest-generating crypto and fiat wallet, a mobile app , a yield farming service and a crypto credit card.

While demand for RBIS is almost certainly about to rise, the availability of tokens is about to decrease, as supply is limited, with a maximum limit of 450 million RBIS that can be created.

If you want to enter first and buy the token at an affordable price, time is running out. Buy RBIS now.

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