Home bonus, Superbonus extended. The discount on the invoice disappears. What changes for those who renovate

The 110% super bonus is not forever but it remains. The discounts will remain for another year, although not for everyone. Then there is a decalage of the benefit. The government, however, wanted to give certainty, avoiding chasing funding year by year. Thus, the old restructuring bonus and the so-called ‘eco-bonus’ in the classic version were also renewed for three years. The bonus remains, but loses a third of the discount, also for the whole of 2022.

What disappears

But not only. At the moment, all other house-related bonuses are skipped: it will be possible to recover part of the expenses with the classic tax deduction on the tax return. Instead the assignment of the tax credit disappears and discount on the invoice if not for the higher subsidy, the 110% energy subsidy. The turning point is contained in the maneuver 2022 approvedrecently by the Government. And this means that those who want to take advantage of these alternatives to the usual deduction and are already involved with the renovations or are about to start them will have to make the payments by the end of 2021. Here is a mini guide with an obligatory premise: the text of the maneuver now arrives in Parliament and it is not excluded that other innovations may also be introduced.

It superbonus

The superbonus at 110% is funded for the whole of next year only for condominiums and Iacp houses (or equivalent). Applies to payments made by 31 December 2022. After the deduction it remains but decreases in percentage: it drops to 70% in 2023 and to 65% in 2024. For single-family homes, however, the calendar is different. Nothing changes – i.e. the 110% deduction remains – until June 30, 2022. Then the same discount stretches to the end of the year if the owner has an ISEE of less than 25 thousand euros, or if you have already made a Cila (the sworn communication of commencement of works) by last September 30th, or if you have already done soand practices for demolition with reconstruction. But these aspects, it must be said, could be changed in Parliament, given that some majority parties have expressed perplexity, for example on the value considered too low by the ISEE.

Facade bonus, reduced discount

It will be necessary carry out the interventions and make the ‘talking transfer’ by the end of the year if you want to take advantage of the bonus face 90%. After this date, throughout the next year, the discount remains but the deduction percentage drops to 60%. The feature of this bonus is that the deduction does not have a spending ceiling and requires less bureaucracy than the superbonus. For example, it is not necessary to certify the town planning regularity of the property. Once this bonus is over, from 2023, the restructuring bonus will be returned to 50% or to obtain the super bonus reduced by 65% ​​it will be necessary to do the “ energy coat ”: it will not be enough just to paint.

Renovations and eco-bonuses until 2024

Draghi made it clear that he wanted to give certainty and avoid year-by-year refinancing. This is how traditional bonuses were financed until 2024. On the renovations the deduction is 50% to be spread over 10 years in the tax return. The total ceiling of 96 thousand euros per property unit. Discount for the classic eco-bonus it is instead 65% and concerns energy efficiency interventions that do not fall within the super bonus (for example the boilers of the individual apartments if not ‘driven’ by the activation of 110% for other interventions). The Sismabonus does not change either.

It reduces mobile bonuses

Sara also reconfirmed the furniture bonus that is activated only if the property for which purchases are made is affected by restructuring, but the discount is reduced: lthe deduction was 50% up to 16,000 euros expenditure (also for the purchase of large household appliances of a class not lower than A +) and now drops to a maximum of 5,000 euros. Restructuring interventions can be started in the year preceding the purchase and do not depend on the amount of the restructuring expenditure.

Extension of gardens

He comes gardens bonus confirmed until 2024, which allows a discount of 36% up to a maximum of 5,000 euros on the costs incurred for the green arrangement of private areas, irrigation systems and wells.

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