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December pension payment – December pensions will be paid in advance and will make all retirees happy: the regular ones will receive the thirteenth, those at the minimum will also have theadditional amount or Christmas bonus (enter the TheWam community and receive all the news on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook).

The thirteenth is up to anyone receiving retirement, on the other hand, the additional amount changes based on income and is not up to all retirees.

In this article we will clarify the requirements, amounts and payment dates of both measures.

Thirteenth pensions 2021

The December pension payment will also include the thirteenth, which will be of an amount almost equal to that received monthly.

The thirteenth was born as expense incentive in the Christmas period for increase consumption and run the economy. The mechanism is the same as that of the fourteenth, given in the summer period only to certain categories of workers.

Put simply: who usually perceives about 1.000 euro of pension per month in December will take around 2.000.

When we write that all pensioners are entitled to the thirteenth, we mean those who receive:

  • Pension of old age;
  • Pension ai survivors;
  • Pension of reversibility;
  • Pension anticipated;
  • Other types of care treatments, such as civil invalidity.

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December pension payment: additional amount

The additional amount, or Christmas bonus, is a supplementary fee paid by INPS to pensioners who do not exceed certain income thresholds.

The amount for 2021 is equal to 154,94 euro. The figure changes from year to year based on some indices STATE, such as the cost of living.

Depending on the amount of the pension, you can receive the full or reduced measure. The full one is up to under the 515,58€ monthly, the reduced one when perceived between 515,59€ e 527,50€.

The individual income threshold not to be exceeded is 10.053,81€ annually, the one for conjugates corresponds to 20.107,62€.

December pension payment: advance with richer pay slip

December early pension payment

As in recent months, pensions will also be paid in advance in December, in fact starting from 25 November you can withdraw the money at post office.

Recall that instead those who receive the pension on the current account will see the debit on first useful day of December, namely the of the month.

To check the pension slip, usually available about two weeks before payment, you can use the online service made available by Inps.

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