how many more do you pay, the figures of the sting – Libero Quotidiano

how many more do you pay, the figures of the sting – Libero Quotidiano
how many more do you pay, the figures of the sting – Libero Quotidiano

Antonio Castro

November 01, 2021

Attention: from today 15 million motorists they will pay a few more bricks (12 euros and 14 cents to be precise) to have your vehicle overhauled. On the other hand, around 400,000 drivers and owners will be able (with difficulty) to obtain a refund in the future. Provided they are quick and technologically awake to follow the lottery procedure invented by the government. The intention – disguised as the granting of yet another mini bonus – is to steal another 182 million from the pockets of the already harassed owners of a property book. But to disguise the operation of withdrawing from the pockets of the taxpayers it was thought well to introduce at the same time the increase for all of the tax of revision, a sort of “electronic lottery”. However, from 1 November 2021 the car inspection will cost 18% more. And so the mandatory overhaul in authorized workshops will come to 79,02 euro. Unless you prefer to take a nice midweek trip to the local headquarters of the motorization.

MONTHLY PROCEDURE – In this case, you save something to get the stamp on the booklet (you have to pay “only” 54.95 euros). But also expect to lose at least one morning; if no complications arise. In any case, compared to before, you will pay 9.95 euros more even if you choose to resort to public offices. To be honest, the increase in the contribution had already been approved a year ago. Then he went into the cavalry between the endless gestation of the implementing decrees, the bureaucratic decisions and various messes. It had simply been frozen. But now the procedure has been restarted. And so the increase is ready to go and put your hands in the pockets of the Italians.

To stop the foreseeable wave of protests for yet another increase, the government had foreseen the introduction of a “Safe vehicle voucher” (total budget 4 million, very little change considering that one in four Italians has at least one registered vehicle on wheels. any reimbursement (obviously after paying everything, including the increase), can only be requested by submitting a “specific application” via “an online portal” which has yet to be inaugurated and activated. According to the rules for introducing the increase and the bonus the Ministry of Transport still has 60 days from its publication in the Official Gazette, or by 21 December to put the “discounts” platform into operation. At that point, the click day will start.

Only the first 402 thousand motorists who apply for it will benefit from the discount. And it is already a success to understand the mechanism: it will be necessary to register on the portal via Spid (digital identity), or electronic identity card or national service card. Then indicate your Iban, the plate of the overhauled vehicle and hope that they were quick enough to get the future refund of 9.95 euros. At the raffle of state bonuses you often lose. Another illuminating example of the bonus / incentive situation is that of “taps”.

REFFA OF TAPS – In theory, those who are preparing to replace cups, bidets and bathtubs could be entitled to an incentive of 1,000 euros. Too bad that to hope to get it (as a deduction, and therefore 1 year after the expense), in addition to registering, you must enter a series of technical specifications on the portal of the Ministry of the Environment (renamed the Ecological Transition). It takes an expert on siphons, toilet bowls and water-saving drains. The funny aspect? Sogei’s technological platform is not active. The bonus expires on December 31 (20 million cubic capacity), but exists only in the press releases. And millions of Italians struggling with incentivized renovations can only dream of it.

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