Car and motorcycle overhaul: from 2 November the cost increases

Car and motorcycle overhaul: from 2 November the cost increases
Car and motorcycle overhaul: from 2 November the cost increases

The provision introduced by an amendment to the 2021 Budget Law raises the cost of the overhaul carried out at the Motorization by 22%, by 18% if it is carried out at one of the authorized workshops. The Cgia of Mestre: “Rates blocked since 2007, the increase serves to cover the investments in safety, training and technological innovation, necessary to perform the checks related to the revisions”.

More expensive car, motorcycle and scooter overhaul starting from Tuesday 2 November 2021, certainly not good news especially for motorists already struggling with skyrocketing fuel prices and with the limited availability of cars, both new and used, due to of the chip crisis. The increase was introduced by an amendment to the 2021 Budget Law and provides for a 22% jump in the base rate to be paid if the review is carried out at the Motorization Authority. The expense that will have to be incurred by those who are about to have their vehicle inspected, or who will do so in the future, goes from the current 45 euros to 54.95 euros. In the event that the revision is carried out at one of the many private affiliated centers, VAT (22%), the motorization rate (10.20 euros) and postage (1.78 euros) must be added to the base rate. In total they make 79.02 euros, 18% more than the 66.88 euros that are paid now.


At least for the first time, however, it will be possible to count on a public contribution that mitigates the greater outlay. The same budget law has in fact introduced the so-called “safe vehicles bonus” worth 9.95 euros, a sort of warm panel which will benefit those who will have a vehicle overhauled between 2021 and 2023. It will therefore be the State to pay the difference between the old and the new rate for the car inspection and for this reason a fund of about 4 million euros has been set up, a sum that in all probability will run out well before the expected deadline. Calculator in hand, 402 thousand people a year will be able to use it compared to the usual 17 million, those who have the expiration date immediately following the debut of the new rates. Furthermore, the bonus will be valid for only one vehicle per person, therefore a person who owns more than one vehicle in their own name will benefit from the discount only on the first one to be inspected; for the others it will pay the updated price at the new rates.


Roberto Bottan, President of the CGIA of Mestre and also of the auto sector of the artisans of Mestre states: “The tariff was blocked since 2007, but in recent years the investments by companies imposed by law by the Ministry of Transport have been huge: both in safety, in training and above all in technological innovation, necessary to carry out checks related to revisions “. “The increase of 9.95 euros – continues Bottan – responds to the need to guarantee on the one hand the economic sustainability of the control centers and on the other hand the maintenance of a high quality standard of the revision service, without neglecting the main purpose which is represented by road safety and user protection “.


The first inspection must be carried out 4 years after the first registration, the subsequent inspections must be carried out every two years. These deadlines apply to cars, motor homes, vehicles for mixed transport, vehicles used for the transport of things or for special use and with a total mass not exceeding 3,500 kg. Since 2003, these deadlines also apply to motor vehicles and mopeds. Cars with an expired inspection, or that will expire in the period between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021, will be able to circulate with the inspection that has expired for ten months beyond the deadline by which the inspection was or will have to be carried out. The revision is scheduled every year for vehicles intended for the transport of people with more than nine seats, including that of the driver, for cars used for taxi service, rental with driver, for vehicles used for the transport of goods for use. special vehicle with a total mass at full load exceeding 3,500 kg, trailers and motorhomes with a total weight exceeding 3,500 kg, buses, ambulances and atypical vehicles (for example, light electric city cars).


The overhaul can be carried out at the offices of the Civil Motorization (for all vehicles) or at the mechanical repair shops authorized by the Province (for vehicles with a total mass less than or equal to 3.5 t). In the first case it is necessary: ​​to submit an application on the specific TT 2100 model, available at the offices of the Motorization Civil and available online; attach a certificate of payment of 45.00 euros to the ccp 9001 in the name of the Department of Land Transport; book the visit and test of the vehicle; present the vehicle registration certificate. To carry out the overhaul at an authorized workshop, on the other hand, it is sufficient to go to a workshop among those authorized by the Province. If the visit is successful, an adhesive label is issued which reports the outcome of the review and which must be applied to the Registration Card. In case of a negative result, there are two possibilities. If the term “repeat” is indicated, appropriate repairs must be made to the systems indicated as inefficient by a trusted mechanic and a new overhaul must be carried out within one month. If, on the other hand, the term “suspended” is indicated, appropriate repairs must be made and a new request for revision must be submitted in order to be able to circulate.

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