Adblue, low stocks and skyrocketing prices – Auto World

Adblue, low stocks and skyrocketing prices – Auto World
Adblue, low stocks and skyrocketing prices – Auto World

Six times the price and empty shelves. L’Adblue it has become a very rare commodity, with the cost of the additive that serves to make diesel engines less polluting which is now a habit of a few. The last reserves are running out and even online it is one of the hardest things to find. With the Ferrara Yara halting its activities due to the rise in methane prices and the difficulties in producing ammonia, the Italian market was thrown into chaos. In fact, the chemical factory covered 60% of the needs and with the Emilian site in standstill, the problems for the motorway port also arose: without Adblue the Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks can no longer circulate, with the roads invaded by the most polluting vehicles.

With this important additive almost becoming a luxury commodity, speculation has also begun, especially online. On the main marketplaces, the price has skyrocketed, going from 25 to 50 cents per liter. In some cases, there are those who try to sell a can of Adlblue at literally insane prices. As reported by Il Corriere della Sera, “On Amazon and, a 5-liter tank of additive costs around 17 euros, while the price for a 10-liter drum ranges between 23 and 40.90 euros.” A speculative phenomenon also shared by eBay, where there are those who are trying to sell a 10-liter tank of Adblue for 1,800 euros.



Adblue stocks skyrocketing prices Auto World

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