A stock that could see its earnings increase by 50% in the near future

A stock that could see its earnings increase by 50% in the near future
A stock that could see its earnings increase by 50% in the near future

Marr is a stock that could see its earnings increase by 50% in the near future. According to analysts’ estimates, in fact, for the next three years the earnings of the stock will increase on average by 56% per year. An average level of growth that has no equal both in the reference sector and in the Italian market.

From the valuation point of view, we are dealing with a stock that quotes at much lower levels than its fair value, while it is overvalued from the point of view of market multiples.

Returning to the fair value, calculated with the discounted cash flow method, we discover that it is estimated to be around 27 euros for a potential increase of 50% compared to current levels.

According to the analysts covering the stock, the average consensus is to accumulate with a target price that expresses an undervaluation of around 10%.

A stock that in the near future could see its profits increase by 50%: The indications of the graphical analysis

The title Marr (MILMARR) closed the session on April 22 at 18.95 euros, up by 2.77% compared to the previous session.

The current projection is bullish both in the medium and in the long term with a target in the 23 euro area.

The levels to be monitored in the next sessions are as follows. The support in the 18.08 euro area (II price target on the weekly time frame) and the resistance in the 19.26 area (III price target on the monthly time frame).

The break of one of these levels at the end of the time frame could have a very strong impact on the future of the title. From this perspective, the closing on April 30 will be very important, which will have a double significance being both a weekly and monthly closing.

Weekly time frame

The red oblique lines represent the Running Bisector levels; the horizontal lines the levels of The New Law of Vibration. The volume for each price level is shown on the left. The middle panel reports the BottomHunter signal. The minimum on the considered time frame is marked when it is equal to 1. The volume panel shows the volume traded for each bar compared with a 20-period zero lag exponential moving average. In the lower panel the Swing Indicator is shown which shows the bullish and bearish signals on the instrument in question.

Time frame mensile



Warning, a bearish signal is still in progress and if confirmed tomorrow, the markets could collapse for a month!

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