The hypothesis of an increase in US taxes for the gains made on the markets also destroys bitcoin. Quotations under 48 thousand dollars

It is not only the stock exchange that pays duty for the tax plan that the US president Joe Biden is preparing to present to Congress. Plan that provides, among other things, to raise the levy on the gains made on the markets. The tax rate, for higher incomes, could be around al 43%, more than double the respect to the current 20%. The tax is triggered when a profit is made on financial products, therefore stocks or bonds but also traditional and digital coins.

The news is therefore causing a further drop in cryptovalute, starting from bitcoin which breaks down the threshold of 50 thousand dollars and touches quota 48 thousand, the lowest value from last February. Bitcoin had hit the record of 64 thousand dollars last April 13, in conjunction with the Wall Street listing of Coinbase, a platform on which it is possible to trade about fifty digital currencies. After which a series of news have progressively thinned the value of digital currency.

Before rumors on possible investigations against financial institutions on charges of money laundering through cryptocurrencies, then problems with the electronic “minting” of bitcoin in China finally due to blackouts, the Turkish central bank’s ban on the use of cryptocurrencies in the country. However, bitcoin prices remain at historically high values. At the beginning of last December a piece was traded around 17 thousand dollars.

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