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In the increase in bills there is not only a problem of raw material costs but also of consumption. For gas, the free market can offer solutions.

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By now we have put our soul in peace. October reserved the first blows in the bills relating to domestic users. Others, however, will receive the hit starting from the next invoices. Which, in any case, doesn’t keep some people any more safe than others. The problem, however, it’s not just the price hike itself, how much the increase in the cost of raw materials. A condition that immediately left the suspicion that the October increase was only the first taste of the high bills.

No sooner said than done. According to various specialized sites (from the Observatory of Tariffs to Segugio.it), in this historical moment it is gas that is suffering the most deleterious effects of the increase. The rising price, in fact, would put Italian families in front of the risk of a new blow. A risk partially mitigated by the transition to the free market, with which, according to experts, up to 53 euros a year could be saved. Analyzing the difference in level between the offers of the protected market and the free onein fact, quite evident discrepancies emerge. And also quite fragmentary, considering that in some regions you end up paying more than others.

Bills, gas skyrocketing on the enhanced protection market: here’s where

Eyes on Northern Italy. The average consumption in the northern regions, in fact, regularly exceeds 1,000 m3 per year, up to a maximum of 1,208m3 recorded in Trentino-Alto Adige. High rates also in Veneto, where they reach 1,200 m3, while Liguria smiles, where gas consumption is mitigated by the less cold climate, for an average of less than 700 m3. That is to say, the lowest average consumption nationwide. Suffice it to say that in Sicily, for example, the average consumption is 727 m3. The study carried out is quite clear: average annual expenditure, only for gas, equal to 723 euros, with some regions even traveling above the national average. And, once again, these are mostly regions of the North and Center-North: Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany and Marche.

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This is with regard to the Enhanced Protection market. The transition to the free market, in this sense, could offer various savings opportunities. Not to mention that, in the short term, the switch will become a necessity to continue using the users. Experts believe that the activation of an advantageous offer in this branch of gas supply will lead to an overall saving on the annual expenditure relating to the cost of users. On average, there is talk of 53 euros on gas bills, amount provided by the comparison between the average expenditure on a national basis under the Greater Protection and that due to the activation of the best rate on the free market. A total annual cost that will therefore be around 669 euros. Savings that will be more sensitive when traveling above the national average of consumption. In Trentino, for example, savings of € 76 per year are estimated. Certainly not a few.

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