And so I bought the electric car! Of course, it’s not all plain sailing

And so I bought the electric car! Of course, it’s not all plain sailing
And so I bought the electric car! Of course, it’s not all plain sailing

In the end I did. I walked into a dealership, talked to a man in a tie, negotiated the sale of my old car, and signed a stack of papers. After a month or so, I left the dealership’s office driving a nice brand new electric car.

It is impressive how things have changed in a few years. Once upon a time, walking into a dealership and asking for an electric vehicle was like walking into the headquarters of the animal welfare company and asking to buy a shotgun. Then, of electric vehicles, I had more than one. They were all gods prototypes which gave me some headaches. Now it’s a whole other thing. The electric vehicle is becoming the normal thing and will become more and more so in the future.

For obvious reasons, I cannot tell you the make and model of my new car. But I can tell you it is a hatchback with four doors produced by a European car manufacturer. To realize that it is electric, you have to pay attention to it: it makes no noise and has no tailpipe. Apart from that, you can go shopping there, take the family for a walk, go more or less wherever you want, on the highway or not. In short, a normal car for normal people (apart from that if you hit the accelerator it has a scary click, but this is something that is no longer in fashion and for good reasons).

Now, I don’t want to tell you what to have an electric vehicle it’s all roses and flowers. One of the problems is that costs more expensive of an equivalent thermal vehicle, but I still decided to invest in it. One reason is that I hope to compensate with lower operating costs. Another, perhaps more important, is that a new car is a cost that is felt for a family budget. So, I reasoned that buying a thermal engine vehicle meant finding oneself within a few years, as they say, “with the match in hand,” or with an obsolete vehicle with market value close to zero. This is the probable result that we will see both for the further restrictions that will come against pollution and against climate change, and because of the increases in fuel costs that are already coming to us! And then yes, I would have wasted my money!

Another problem is that charging an electric vehicle it still requires some strategy and we weren’t used to it. It is true that of small columns there are many recharges, but a good half is always broken and many of the others are unusable because they are occupied by rude people who park in front of us. And also because they were placed without any criteria. Just to tell you one, the one near my house is between the bar, the ice cream parlor and the pharmacy: you can imagine that there is always someone who parks in front of us, sometimes even in a double row! Sure, you can try to locate the owner to ask him to move the car. Sometimes they respond kindly, sometimes not at all. Sometimes, they look at you in amazement as if they are facing the queen of the “Throne of Swords” who asks them to make room for her to park her dragon.

Fortunately, things are improving. There are more and more columns and, at the same time, the owners of restaurants and shopping centers are realizing that having them in their parking lots brings them customers, and therefore they are gearing up. The same is true for those who manage company car parks. In conclusion, we get there slowly.

Then there is the question oflimited autonomy and charging times. But for city use there are no problems. Operating an electric vehicle is reminiscent of what was said at the time of the Winchester rifle in the Far West: “The cursed Yankee rifle that loads on Sunday mornings and shoots all week”. So, I can recharge my car on Sunday morning and drive around all week. Sure, to do long trips you have to plan things in advance, always with the risk that the column you were counting on to recharge is broken or occupied by one of the usual rude ones (both things have happened to me). But it can be done: I can tell you that a friend of mine came to visit me traveling from London to Florence in his electric car. Obviously, however, to make trips of several hundred kilometers it is better the train. But this also applies to heat engine machines.

Finally, there is the question of what it really is ecological an electric vehicle. The story is long and we certainly cannot exhaust it in a post on Let’s say that all recent scientific analyzes indicate that electric traction is a substantial improvement in terms of reducing emissions and leading us in the direction of sustainability. Then, it is also obvious that a certain “transport model” based on bulky and expensive private vehicles is becoming obsolete. In the future, we will have lighter vehicles and we will make better use of them by using the rental, and therefore we will have less. But, however it goes, they will be electric.

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