Blue Panorama turns off the engines: “Stop flights”

Blue Panorama turns off the engines: “Stop flights”
Blue Panorama turns off the engines: “Stop flights”

October 27


by Redazione
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“Last evening Blue Panorama suspended flight activities “. To give the news are the trade unions Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti. Who in a joint note state: “He is the further and umpteenth victim of the crisis in the sector that is added to Alitalia, Air Italy, Ernest and Norwegian”.

The news follows the market rumors, which have chased each other in recent weeks, after a complicated summer in which the company Uvet house suffered due to the failure to disburse Covid funds to support the sector. Money that, once arrived, could inject the carrier with the necessary liquidity to leave again.

Meanwhile, internal sources say that no passengers remained on the ground and that all travelers have been re-protected.

Engines stopped for too Luke Air, the brand with a yellow-blue livery headed by Blue Panorama Airlines, active mainly in Prague and Warsaw, waiting to preside over Milan Malpensa. In fact, the latter shares a flight license and IATA codes with the parent carrier.

For the unions it rains in the wet: “The state of crisis in the entire sector is further worsening and, as we have been declaring for months, it is imploding especially in the case of Italian operators. We have been reporting the risk of a overall system collapse and the table is only now open at the ministry of sustainable infrastructures and mobility it becomes even more vital and urgent so that rapid solutions are found and social safety nets are foreseen for the whole of 2022 ”, affirm the acronyms in the joint note.


Blue Panorama turns engines Stop flights

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