Bonus shower and taps, how to immediately get a discount of up to 1000 euros: implementing decree published

Bonus shower and taps, how to immediately get a discount of up to 1000 euros: implementing decree published
Bonus shower and taps, how to immediately get a discount of up to 1000 euros: implementing decree published

After a month and a half of further waiting since the September announcement it was published in the Official Journal the implementing decree of water bonus. The text contains the instructions on the procedure for accessing the discount for showers, sanitary ware and taps up to 1000 euros, provided for by the 2020 Budget Law, but never actually entered into force. Now then, only the green light for the ad hoc platform created by Sogei is missing and which will be accessed shortly through the website of Ministry of Ecological Transition. At that point the reimbursements will be recognized and paid on the basis of the chronological order of the requests. On the pitch, however, there is little money until the end of the year. Therefore it is important to be ready with the necessary documents when the procedure is available, so as not to risk losing this delicious opportunity.

Water bonus, the requirements for access

The contribution aims to encourage the replacement of old sanitary vessels and taps to ensure savings in water resources, hence the name. To use it you have to be over 18 and resident in Italy. Then you have to be “holders of property rights or other real rights on existing buildings, as well as personal rights of use on parts of existing buildings or individual units. In the case of joint holders or holders of real or personal right of enjoyment, it is possible to request the bonus only upon declaration of communication to the owner / co-owner of the property of the desire to use it, which must be completed on the platform also with the owner data.

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Furthermore, to obtain the incentive, it is necessary to have achieved from 1st January to 31st December 2021 interventions to “replace ceramic sanitary vessels with new reduced-drain appliances and sanitary taps, shower heads and existing shower columns with new water flow-limiting appliances”. So they have to put on new ceramic sanitary vessels with maximum discharge volume within 6 liters, taps and mixers with water flow within 6 liters per minute o shower heads / shower columns with a maximum flow rate of 9 liters per minute.

In this way, up to one thousand euros can be obtained directly on the Iban, also for the works carried out previously, but always in 2021.

How to apply

The question will come up on one web platform (made by Sogei) called “Water bonus platform”, which will arrive shortly and will be accessed from the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. To enter you will need a Spid or an electronic identity card. Once registered, then, the subject must provide a series of data, including: the amount of expenditure incurred, the technical specifications of the works performed, quantity of the asset and specifics of the laying or installation, the cadastral identification of the property, the declaration of not having already benefited from other concessions for those expenses and the coordinates of the bank / post office account (Iban) of the beneficiary to which the refund is to be credited. Finally it will be necessary to attach the copy of the commercial documentation or invoice.

A copy of the bank or postal payment or of the payment with other traceable payment systems will also be valid, together with the documentation of the seller that serves to trace the transaction to the purchased product. Refunds are excluded: if the request is incorrect in the compilation, incomplete information and / or attachments or if irregularities are found following the checks than stated.

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Tight deadlines and refinancing

It bonus it can be requested only once for a single property. Applications should be sent by the end of October and contributions will be arranged in the order of arrival, but only until resources are exhausted. There are in the field 20 million euros for this year. You are likely to saturate spending power in a short time, with too many questions coming up in a short time.

However from the Mite they had know last month a The messenger than on the incentive there is no lack of “political will”: the Minister Cingolani intends to bet on the bonus if it goes well among the citizens, asking his colleague Daniele Franco for other funding and perhaps an extension of the time to do the work at home.

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The other bonus for drinking water

The water bonus should not be confused with that fordrinking water, always provided by Budget Law 2020 and unlocked only last June. It is a 50% tax credit for expenses incurred from the beginning of 2021 until the end of 2022 per buy and install systems to “rationalize the use of water and reduce the consumption of plastic containers “.

Filtering, cooling, mineralization, addition of food carbon dioxide. The contribution can be obtained for various types of installed systems. There maximum spending threshold is 1000 euros for each home (therefore the contribution reaches up to 500 euros) e 5 thousand for properties used for commercial or institutional activities (with maximum discount of 2500 euros).


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