From the 80% super bonus for hotels to tax credit for travel agencies, the news for tourism

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A tourism package in the belly of a provision, the Pnrr decree, which has obtained the go-ahead from the Council of Ministers, and which aims to help ministries reach the 51 targets and milestones scheduled for 31 December 2021 (which constitute the objectives assigned from the EU to Italy by the end of the year). There are two main measures on the tourism front: an 80% super bonus for hotels for energy redevelopment and the safety of buildings and tax credit for travel agencies.

For tourism 2.4 billion, with leverage rose to 6.9

There are 2.4 billion, which with financial leverage rise to 6.9, destined for tourism in the new Recovery decree with the measures to allocate the resources of the plan and accelerate the implementation of the Pnrr projects, just approved by the Council of Ministers . This is what sources from the Ministry of Tourism explained. Among the main interventions 114 million for the Digital Tourism Hub, almost 1.8 billion for the Competitiveness Fund for tourism companies and 500 million for Rome Caput Mundi – Next Generation EU.

In detail, the fund for the competitiveness of businesses provides for 500 million in tax credit and a non-repayable grant for accommodation facilities, 98 million in tax credit for the digitization of travel agencies and tour operators, 500 million in funds for sustainable tourism, 358 million of guarantees for financing for the creation of new businesses, 180 million of a fund for investments in the tourism sector and 15o million of a national fund for tourism.

Eco-bonus 80% for hotels

The 80% tax credit to redevelop hotels, bathing establishments and accommodation facilities – agritourisms, spas, bathing establishments, marinas, theme parks, fairs and congresses can also benefit from it – will be transferable to third parties and can be used in compensation to reduce taxes and contributions. The superbonus for hotels will be cumulative with a non-repayable grant of up to 40 thousand euros and which can grow by another 30 thousand euros for companies that invest in digitization and innovation. The superbonus will be able to finance investments and interventions started and not completed before the entry into force as long as the start of works after February 1, 2020 can be certified.

Tax credit travel agencies

The measure goes in the direction of the digitalization of the service and the tourist offer. A tax credit equal to 50% of the costs incurred by tour operators and travel agencies for the digitization of services (up to a cost of 25 thousand euros) from web portals to automation for reservations and sales of accommodation and overnight stays is envisaged. Also in this case, the aim is to improve the services of 3,500 companies in the sector between 2022 and 2025.


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