watch out for dates – Libero Quotidiano

watch out for dates – Libero Quotidiano
watch out for dates – Libero Quotidiano

Fabrizio Pregliasco, lecturer at the State University of Milan, clarifies what vaccinated people should do with Johnson & Johnson: “The booster is appropriate from two to six months with a heterologous vaccine. There is no need for alarmism”. For those vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, the US drug regulatory agency “FDA suggested doing the second dose. Now it is to be seen whether heterologous with an mRna vaccine, which could increase the effectiveness of the protection, or the ‘homologation. But we don’t create agitation“, explains the host virologist of Omnibus broadcast on La7.

And about the need for a dose ‘booster’, explains that, “that one and a half million people who have been vaccinated with J&J – the expert clarifies – must consider themselves protected, with perhaps a little less protection, at least this seems to be from the data to date, but in short there is no need to to be alarmed. For them we imagine the need for the recall “, in a manner yet to be defined.

In addition, the professor reiterates that for those who have received the J&J anti-Covid vaccine, “could give better results “, explains again. “Another dose should not be done after 2 months – the expert continues – J&J starts from a not very high coverage and gradually decreases. The FDA said a second dose “can be done from 2 months” from the first “onwards. However, the prospect is to give everyone a second dose and heterologous vaccination gives excellent results ”, he concluded, reiterating the concept

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watch dates Libero Quotidiano

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