Blue Panorama in crisis, stop to flight activities (waiting for refreshments) –

Blue Panorama in crisis, stop to flight activities (waiting for refreshments) –
Blue Panorama in crisis, stop to flight activities (waiting for refreshments) –

Blue Panorama, one of the four remaining Italian airlines, is suspending its flight activities. To push this move the Uvet group – which in December 2017 bought the airline and then renamed it Luke Air two years later – would also be the delay in the disbursement of part of the anti-Covid refreshments provided for the sector, according to what it has learned. the Courier service. Together with the decline in passengers, restrictions in particular in non-EU holiday resorts and the collapse in revenues, it would have led the company to be late with payments. According to the sources, all passengers would have been brought home or re-protected on other companies.

The reactions

Among the trade union circles there is also a letter that the National Civil Aviation Authority would have sent to Blue Panorama / Luke Air with the object of starting the procedure for the suspension of the operating license and the Coa and Camo certifications. The Courier service he asked ENAC for confirmation of the goodness of the letter but without obtaining a reply at the time of publication of the article. Internal sources confirm that the institution has started the process. Last night the company Blue Panorama also suspended its flight activities, the further and umpteenth victim of the crisis in the sector that joins Alitalia, Air Italy, Ernest and Norwegian Air, comment Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti. It is not yet clear when flight activities will resume.

The numbers

Blue Panorama / Luke Air has around 620 employees and a fleet of 10 Boeing 737s and a pair of Airbus A330s. In 2019, according to the ENAC bulletin, it carried 1.39 million passengers, the fifth Italian carrier out of six by volume after Alitalia, Air Italy (which ended in liquidation in February 2020), Air Dolomiti (of the Lufthansa group), Neos ( of the Alpitour group) and before Ernest (closed at the beginning of 2020). In the first year of the pandemic, the carrier carried 273,300 people. For many months Blue Panorama, Air Dolomiti and Neos have been asking the government to pay more attention to the other Italian airlines, given the suffering situation. At the beginning of the health crisis, the Conte government had allocated 130 million euros, but it seems that not all of them would have been paid yet.


Blue Panorama crisis stop flight activities waiting refreshments Corriereit

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