ChievoVerona and Covid fold Paluani. Requested the arrangement with creditors

“Chievo and Covid fold Paluani, which is asking for an arrangement with creditors. After the case of Melegatti, saved three years from the abyss and relaunched by the Spezzapria family from Vicenza, there is now another big pandoro in Verona in difficulty. It is Paluani. , the confectionery company founded in 1921 and launched as an industrial reality in the late sixties by the Campedelli and Cordioli families, linked to that Chievo who died this summer from professional football, which presented an appeal two days ago for the arrangement with creditors with reservations ” : this is the shocking news reported by the Courier of Verona, who then explains how the request was immediately accepted by the judges of the bankruptcy section of the Court of Verona, “who granted the company until February 22, 2022 to present the composition proposal”.

A company, Paluani, present in 40 countries and with 150 employees (with peaks of 490 in season), which nine days ago had to resort to this measure, with the relationship between it and the disappeared ChievoVerona – of which it held 82% – to have opened the appeal in court. With the newspaper that explains how “Paluani recalls that he has credits towards Chievo for 3.5 million by way of shareholder loan and of” having given sureties for about 11.7 million “, to Chievo,” on a debt exposure which as of October 19, 2021 was equal to 6.9 million “”, but how much the pandemic also had an impact, with the balance sheet closed at June 30, 2020 which “speaks of revenues of 53.7 million compared to 58 the previous year, with a loss of 1.7 million against a profit of 105 thousand euros in 2019 “.

Paluani herself is however trying to “save Christmas and next Easter”, also for the “maintenance of the workforce as well as the best satisfaction of creditors”.


ChievoVerona Covid fold Paluani Requested arrangement creditors

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