The payslips of the state officials change: who will have 1500 euros

The payslips of the state officials change: who will have 1500 euros
The payslips of the state officials change: who will have 1500 euros

Salary increases based on the role but also on the “merits” of work up to a maximum of six career spans: this is what Aran (Agency for the Negotiating Representation of Public Administrations) intends to do for state employees.

Roles and salaries

The “shots” are very interesting: there is the basic salary and then, as in many other companies, the career (or seniority) takes over: the draft of the new contract presented by the president of Aran, Antonio Naddeo, provides for increases between 280 and 460 euros for operators, between 616 up to 840 euros for assistants and, the biggest piece of the pie for officials, for which the increases may vary from a minimum of 1,247 euros up to 1,518 .

Up to six career shots

In technical language they are called “Horizontal economic progressions”, the “shots” we were talking about before that constitute career advancement within each category. The novelty, however, is that these shots will be linked “at the assessment of employees and their professional experience“according to reports The messenger. Furthermore, in addition to operators, assistants and officials, President Naddeo wants to add a fourth working area called “high professionalism”. All four will have an equal economic starting point for all employees but then a “salary differential “ linked to the evaluation that the managers will give to the individual employee, assessed as his / her professional experience and for other parameters such as, for example, academic qualifications. The advancements career, as mentioned, will be a maximum of six and you can aspire to move up to the next bracket every three years.

What the unions think

Even those who are already in service will be able to aspire to go up in the economic range always within the range proposed by Naddeo. The ball, at this point, passes to the unions because the career spurs will be financed with the funds of the administrations and, therefore, if the agreement is decided on the lowest figure, the number of employees who can hope for increases will be higher while , if you decide for the higher figures, it is clear that not everyone will be able to aspire to the same shots but a selection will be made. What is certain, however, is that public administrations have more money to be allocated to its employees compared to the past, proof of this is the elimination of the government “funds ceiling” introduced in 2017 and which tied the money destined for career progressions.

The entry of new capital (up to 250 million) will be used for horizontal progressions but also for to balance salaries for those who work in central functions: the idea is to reduce the spread of employees who, despite having the same role, earn very different figures as often happens at INPS or the Revenue Agency.

The “high professionalism”

The new area that Naddeo wants to introduce will be born “empty” because none of the current employees of the PA will be able to access it automatically: it will be more than anything else a “wild card” sector that will welcome winners of the competitions that will deal with working on the Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan). The salaries for the latter sector will be the highest and therefore very close to those of a manager compared to what officials receive and always with the same new criterion of remunerative increments (how much, as yet, is not known). The contract will be decided on November 3 and, in the event of a positive outcome between Aran and the unions, it will be approved by the government by November.

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