like having 1000 euros more in the current account

A few more days to request the Water Bonus and have 1,000 euros directly on your current account. No extension, those who wish to request it must do so as soon as possible.


The Government continuously disburses new bonuses to financially support Italian families. Some concessions require the ISEE, others do not, some are open to all citizens, others only to those who meet particular requirements. However, incentives also have a deadline. Many bonuses have been extended from 2020 to 2021 but the December 31st is the deadline to take advantage of it. An example is the water bonus, the measure it delivers one thousand euros on the current account without Isee provided that water saving measures are carried out.

All about the water bonus

The measure is accessible to all, without income limits. It provides for the payment of 1,000 euros to replace sanitary ware, new taps or systems that prevent water waste and reduce consumption. No ISEE, therefore, to make a request but only the presentation of the expenses incurred for which it will be obtained the refund up to a maximum of one thousand euros. The documentation must be sent to the portal created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition by December 31st and refers to the works carried out from January to December 2021. Given that the funds available are 20 million euros, calculating a maximum of 1,000 euros per intervention, it can be deduced that the beneficiaries will only be 20 thousand families. There are no extensions or extensions of the funds.

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Sustainable costs for access to the measure

Access to the measure is only possible by making specifications eligible expenses linked to the reduction of water consumption – objective of the 2030 Agenda and of the New Green Deal. Among the requisites we find the ownership of an existing property where the works aimed at saving water will be carried out. Since the buildings must be existing, expenses for interventions on buildings under construction, demolitions or reconstructions are not eligible for the measure. In addition, the property must be owned registered on Italian soil and be available in the land registry.

The admitted works are those related to improvement of supply systems of the water inside the private homes in order to reduce waste. The reference environment does not matter, it can be both the bathroom and the kitchen, and the work can concern both the sanitary ware and the taps as well as the replacement of the shower head. Of course, as said several times, the replacement must be aimed at making the old devices more efficient with the purchase of new generation models.


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