Philip Morris Bologna: here is the ‘factory of the future’ / VIDEO – Economy

Philip Morris Bologna: here is the ‘factory of the future’ / VIDEO – Economy
Philip Morris Bologna: here is the ‘factory of the future’ / VIDEO – Economy

Crespellano (Bologna), 26 October 2021 – The Service Center for Innovation and Research and Development, at the Conference Center of Philip Morris Manufacturing &Technology Bologna in Crespellano. In an exciting comparison, moderated by Myrta Merlino, the future of Italian production chains and how the Pnrr can favor important developments in the field of innovation, placing Italy in the best conditions to be able to attract significant further investments.
The inauguration event was also an opportunity to present, in detail, the future new investments in our Italian supply chain.

A great Made in Italy supply chain

From the construction in Bologna of first industrial plant in the world for innovative non-combustion products to the important multi-year agreements, together with Coldiretti and MIPAAF, for the purchase of Italian tobacco and the sustainable development of the tobacco supply chain, that of Philip Morris is a large Made in Italy supply chain composed of about 8,000 companies, of which 1,000 active in the agricultural sector, which generates employment for a total of about 30,000 people in Italy.
An Italian supply chain that in the last year has been further integrated with the opening of Digital Information Service Center (DISC) of Taranto, the new assistance center for current and potential Italian consumers of heated tobacco products, and the announcement of the works for the construction of the Philip Morris Institute for Manufacturing Competences (IMC), the new Philip Morris center for higher education of the skills related to Industry 4.0.

What the Innovation Service Center will look like

In light of the role played by the Crespellano plant in the production of innovative products without combustion and in the provision of support services to the Research and Development activities within the Group, Philip Morris will create a Service Center for innovation and Research and Development in Bologna – focused on R&D services in areas such as industrialization, process innovation, engineering and sustainability – which will be the largest in the world for Philip Morris on these issues.
When fully operational, the Center will involve approximately 250 highly qualified people, considering the people who currently work in Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna in these activities and the new job positions that will be transferred and created in Italy.

Philip Morris International recently announced a investment plan total fixed capital equal to approx 2.4 billion dollars over the three-year period 2021-2023, globally, which includes significant investments in the manufacturing sector, in new machinery and technologies.
A significant part of these global investments for the three-year period 2021-2023 is expected to arrive in Italy, along the Italian supply chain of innovative non-combustion products and could support the potential activation of jobs in direct, indirect and induced employment in Italy.

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