“There are no elements that indicate a descent”

The Commissioner specified that most of these are “interventions in line with European rules on the market and competition”.

Eleven EU countries against energy market reform – The warning comes on the occasion of the opening, at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg, of the Extraordinary Council of EU Energy Ministers on the price crisis in Europe. Before the summit, the countries, including Germany, which released a document in which they are against a reform of the energy market, had a meeting on the sidelines of the ministerial. At the moment there are 11 Member States sharing the document: at the last moment Belgium and Sweden were added.

“At the Union level it is not necessary to reform the market – underlines the Secretary of State at the German Ministry of Economy and Energy, Andreas Feicht – and not even an intervention at ETS level (EU emission quotas) could be the solution” . And again, on the hypothesis of including nuclear power in the European taxonomy, Feicht clarifies: “There will be no consensus on this front at the European level”.

Assoutenti: still increases in fuel prices, alarm for Christmas – The trend of “fuel price lists” is worrying, which “now represents an emergency, with petrol and diesel oil currently costing more than 21% more than at the beginning of the year”, writes the president of Assoutenti Furio Truzzi. “Increases – he continues – that have repercussions not only on supplies, but on the retail prices of a multitude of products, and on the logistical costs of companies and industries. The real risk is that the wave of price increases and the higher costs caused by expensive gasoline will lead to a reduction in household spending during the upcoming Christmas holidays, with devastating effects for the national economy which is just now recovering after the crisis caused by Covid “.


elements descent

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