Vaccines, how the third dose will work for everyone

Vaccines, how the third dose will work for everyone
Vaccines, how the third dose will work for everyone

The third dose for everyone is practically a certainty. Professor Silvio Brusaferro said yesterday that it is a “likely scenario”. The protection after 6 months from the vaccine drops significantly, but given that most of the population has completed the vaccination cycle in the summer it will have to wait a little longer to plan the third doses for under 60.

The third dose is practically a certainty for everyone, also in view of a possible fourth wave. But also and above all because the protective effect of the vaccine decreases, especially for the most fragile, who in fact have already started with the third injection. Among those for vulnerable subjects and those over 60, one million administrations are already reached, with the Pfizer vaccine.

“Whatever happens this winter, it is more reassuring to face it with 85% vaccinated”, recalled Professor Sergio Abrignani, member of the CTS and immunologist of the University of Milan, interviewed by ‘la Repubblica’. For this a third dose Italy is useful, to avoid what is happening in Great Britain, where we are, from happening “already observing a decline in the effectiveness of vaccines”.

“Most of the vaccines we know have three doses. Now it is right to give priority to those who need it most, then the further booster can be extended to everyone”, reiterated Sergio Abrignani.

The point is that as several scientists observe, the protection after 6 months drops significantly, and therefore the vulnerable and health care workers must be immunized as soon as possible. But most of the population completed the vaccination course in the summer, so it is early to plan a booster for everyone. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the expiry of six months for a third dose to the youngest. But the president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro said yesterday that he would extend the third dose to everyone “it’s a likely scenario”.

The safety threshold to aim for is 90% vaccinated, as explained by the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza.
According to the latest data, updated to yesterday, 44.4 million people have completed the vaccination cycle, 82.22% of the population over 12, while 86.06% have taken at least one dose. The 90% target, therefore it seems within reach, even if the new vaccinates are less and less, given that the race for vaccinations for the mandatory green pass even in the workplace seems to be over: if we look at the new vaccinated on Sunday 24 they were about 10 thousand, the previous Sunday they had been almost 29 thousand, and the previous Sunday 26 thousand. Then there is the share of those who do not want to get the vaccine: 7.6 million Italians over 12 have not even taken a dose. However, it is possible that soon the green light for vaccinations for under 12s will be reached, which would serve to protect a large section of the population: the whole range of children who attend school, from elementary to middle school.

Ema gave ok to the third Modern dose

Just yesterday the EMA gave the green light to the administration of the third dose of the Moderna vaccine for the over 18. “The Ema Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use”, according to the law in a note, “concluded that a dose of Booster of Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine against Covid-19 may be considered in people aged 18 and over “. The expected booster dose is half that used for the first administrations, and will need to be inoculated 6-8 months after the second.

Booster also for J&J vaccine

There is also talk of a possible recall for those who have made the J&J single-dose vaccine, but for this reason the indications of the EMA are awaited. “For those who have done Johnson & Johnson, a recall will be needed in a very short time: six months after vaccination we will begin to proceed, taking into account the age, but probably a third dose will be necessary for everyone”, said Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, a guest at ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Radio Capital.

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