Covid, new hospitalization and the positivity rate also rises (3.4%). At Cardarelli 7 patients

The situation has been worsening for a few days and even today the trend is confirmed. Mainly for what concerns the hospitalized which, unfortunately, continue to increase. As well as the rate of positivity.

From today’s Asrem bulletin, Sunday 24 October, there are no deaths. Unfortunately, the total deaths from Covid in Molise are 498.

There are no transfers, but there is a new hospitalization: a patient from Santa Croce di Magliano got worse and needed hospitalization. There are no discharged e therefore the number of people admitted to Cardarelli rose to 7: 6 in infectious diseases and 1 in intensive care.

Today there are 5 new cases out of 146 swabs processed for a percentage of positive swabs that rises to 3.4%.

The new cases (5) are:

1 Campomarino

1 Campomarino

1 Cannon holder

1 San Giovanni in Galdo

1 Santa Croce di Magliano

Today there are no healed and therefore the number of those currently rises to 99, while the totals since the beginning of the emergency are 14,627.

The total healed are 14.016, deaths 498. In isolation they are found 2.278 citizens.


Covid hospitalization positivity rate rises Cardarelli patients

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