the future project unveiled by Ricciardi

The doctor and teacher Walter Ricciardi has been saying it for some time: the green pass it should only be issued to those who have had the vaccine. In fact, according to the hygienist, tampons cannot continue at this rate and cost.

The issue emerged from October 15, the date it was extended the green pass to all workers in the public and private sector. In fact, from 15 October, those who do not have the green pass cannot work or can do so risking heavy administrative penalties.

As an alternative to free vaccine, now administered to 82.14% of the Italian population over 12, there are tampons. In fact, by demonstrating your negativity you are entitled to a momentary green pass that lasts up to 48 hours. Is it possible to think about continuing to do two swabs a week for the next few months and until the end of the pandemic?

Green pass only for vaccinated: this is the project

A few days ago Walter Ricciardi, present at the La7 program The air that pulls, was repeated on the issue of the green pass. In fact, the hygienist has long been asking that the green pass become a way to identify (and reward) only the vaccinated or those who have recovered from Covid-19.

In this formula Ricciardi voluntarily excludes the instrument of swab. “Is it conceivable that a person will do two tampons a week for the next few months?“, He comments and replies”it is unthinkable”.

Green pass only for the vaccinated: no to the swab

The green pass tool, designed to restart the country, was also used to push the population to get vaccinated and reach coverage as close to 100% of the population over 12.

After the first announcements of the green pass to enter the places of culture or to eat inside the premises, there was a response from the population and some doubts were convinced to get vaccinated.

Same rush to the vaccine after the announcement of the green pass for all public and private workers. Those who are left are the “hard core”, those who are difficult to convince, those who are blaming more than others for the consequences of misinformation on vaccines andinfodemia online.

In any case they are 2.774.088 Italians over fifty who have not received even the first dose of vaccine and in total do not reach 10 million Italians totally uncovered. These, to go to work or public places are forced to undergo the tampon at least twice a week.

How many tampons a day: is it chaos in the pharmacy?

At the announcement of the extension of the green pass, the inevitable was shouted collapse of pharmacies. What is happening in pharmacies, although it has been called a “tampon factory”, is not so alarming.

The first calculations had predicted beyond one million tampons a day, but only last Tuesday the record threshold of 548 thousand swabs performed in 10 thousand active pharmacies (out of 19 thousand) was reached. The average is between 200 and 300 thousand tampons per day. However, there are many, they create queues and gatherings and for this reason they are becoming a burden for pharmacists.

About this Walter Ricciardi he wanted to underline the safety of the vaccine, which in Italy is distributed free of charge and for which it is no longer conceivable to be afraid, especially now that the vaccinated world population amounts to several billion.

And he concluded:

The green pass should only be given to vaccinated people, I have been saying this for some time, but we will get there.

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