distributors where it reached 2 euros per liter

Distributors with gasoline at 2 euros per liter in Fvg.

AND one of the increases we all have to deal with. And which, in this case, has an impact not only on our family budget, but also on other increases. The increase in the price of gasoline is estimated at 24.7% more than last year. A nice tile for everyone, especially as the government seems willing to introduce new excise duties on diesel.

As in the rest of Italy, even in Friuli Venezia Giulia the amount has shot up. And so, in some distributors it has already touched – if not achieved or exceeded – the threshold of 2 euros per liter.

But what are the gas stations with these prices? To reveal it is the section “Fuels in prices” of the Fvg Region website, with data updated until Thursday 21 October. If, it must be said, that we start from a minimum of 1,665 euros for a liter of “green”, here is thathe highest amount detected is 2.089 euros in the Ledra Est area at the height of Colloredo di Monte Albano on the A23 motorway, in the Tamoil brand distributor.

A little further down, register 2,049 euros per liter for the Ip of Pozzuolo del Friuli, while the Total of Valvasone Arzene it drops to 2,029. A Gemona, the San Daniele IP reached 2.027 euros per liter.

Then, there are some distributors that touch the fateful threshold. I am three, the one on the A4 motorway in Duino Nord, the Total in Lignano Sabbiadoro and the same sign in Brugnera, which all stopped at 1,999 euros. But many others have climbed up to € 1,998.

Hard, almost impossible to predict price decreases immediately. Who has the regional card can count on discounts, but the bloodletting it is not, however, indifferent.

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