Have you already paid this bill? You could lose a lot of money …

Telephone bills represent a “necessary evil”, regardless of the type of supply: billing to be paid on a monthly or bimonthly basis appears to most people as totally “honest” in the amounts due to numerous factors such as specific taxes which, added to the amount owed often cause the amount to be paid to rise.

The advent of the free market in the energy sector has increased competition in terms of supplies but has also exponentially increased the number of scams and deceptions, which continue to manifest themselves in various forms, from telephone to “door to door”.

The “factor” bills

This obviously warned a large part of the population starting from the early 2000s with the aforementioned liberalization of the market, which will reappear in 2023. Every supplier will inevitably have to undertake policies of extreme transparency towards its users, and will have to also comply with the statute of limitations that have been updated over the last few months.

Prescription means the time limit within which the supplier can legally “ask” the user to pay a bill, this means that after this deadline an unpaid bill can no longer be legally committed.

Have you already paid this bill?


The statute of limitations therefore makes it unnecessary to pay a bill that has expired by a certain period of time, even if it is good to clarify the type of supply. A budget law dated 2018 has in fact lowered the limitation limits relating to energy supplies.

As of March 2018 bills relating to electricity supplies have acquired terms of 2-year prescription, while for those issued before 2018 the 5-year prescription still applies.

The water bills saw the new terms “trigger” starting from January 1, 2020, so these too saw the new terms reduced to 2 years. The same applies to those of gas, which have acquired the prescription of 2 years from 2 January 2019.


paid bill lose lot money

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