Sustainable mobility, new habits behind the wheel

The electric mobility acquires an ever greater weight in the automotive landscape of our country. Even if sales are not comparable to those recorded in other European countries (particularly those of northern Europe), an increasing number of Italian motorists are interested in electric and hybrid cars.

This, in a nutshell, is what emerges from theE-Mobility 2021 Observatory, organized by Nomisma on the occasion of the national conference “Circular Mobility – The cycle of sustainable mobility between public and private”, organized by Sifà – Società Italiana Fleotte Aziendali and Bper Banca. The survey, based on the responses of 1,200 Italians (carried out between March and April of this year), highlights how issues related to sustainable mobility and ecological transition attract the attention of motorists more and more.

From the data collected by Nomisma and relating to the first five months of 2021, it emerges that Italians are paying increasing attention to the choice of vehicles to buy. In the first 150 days (approximately) of the year they were in fact registered 234 thousand hybrid cars (with a growth of more than 50% compared to 2019) e 23,300 electric cars.

Choices mainly dictated economic reasons. If the first reason that pushes the purchase of electric cars is the possibility of accessing the limited traffic areas and ZTL without limitations of any kind (indicated by 86% of electric vehicle owners), behind it we find the exemption from paying the road tax (indicated by 80% of the interviewees), free parking and mileage consumption (indicated by 69%). However, there is no lack of those who look at the environment: more than 40% of the interviewees affirm that the purchase of electricity is also dictated by reasons of ecological sustainability.

On the contrary, among the factors that slow down the spread of electric-powered vehicles, there is the cost of electric cars (still considered too high by Nomisma interviewees) and theautonomy contained compared to the mileage guaranteed by cars with internal combustion engines. Two factors that, however, should find a solution by return of post (in terms of autonomy, then, there are already models capable of traveling more than 500 km with a single charge), paving the way for the mass diffusion of full cars. electric.

The methods of purchasing vehicles are also changing. Even if the car of ownership remains the favorite of the Italians, the number of motorists who rely on long-term rental is growing. Between January and August 2021 approximately 183 thousand vehicles were purchased with the rental formula: a slice that today is worth 15% of the market, but which seems destined to grow significantly in the coming years.

Nomisma’s E-Mobility 2021 Observatory does not limit itself to analyzing the private market alone. Ample space is in fact also dedicated to the moves that the companies (in particular those in the mechanical sector) have been completing in recent months. And, as might be expected, also in this case electric mobility is attracting more and more interest. Between companies with a fleet of cars, 14% have an electric or hybrid car, while a further 14% say they are likely to own it in the next 12 months.

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