The beating on the car: this is how much it costs to maintain it

The beating on the car: this is how much it costs to maintain it
The beating on the car: this is how much it costs to maintain it

Auto, but how much do you cost me? A lot, a lot if we consider that (and how) also the expensive fuels we have recently dealt with in affects. Between repair costs, insurance and petrol (or diesel), we come to spend more than three thousand euro per year.

What the research says

Assoutenti made the accounts in the pocket of the Italians: as mentioned, the greatest weight is given by the increasingly expensive supplies that we are forced to pay after the skyrocketing prices that reached petrol (1.918 euros per liter in October) and diesel (1.780 in served mode). Indeed, almost 20% of a family’s annual income goes to four wheels. “P.A motorist spends an average of € 3,361 per year to manage a car he owns – explains the president, Furio Truzzi –. The item that absorbs the largest share of expenditure is undoubtedly that relating to fuels, for which over 2 thousand euros per year go “. If the tariffs for RC cars appear to be slightly decreasing (average cost 360 euros a year), this is not the case for coupons, accessories and repairs which also due to the crisis due to the pandemic have recorded significant increases in the price list.

And so today the maintenance of an ordinary car and repair work reaches an average cost of 390 euros per year per car, plus 250 euros for oil, tires and spare parts – continues Truzzi – An average of 110 euros per year is spent on tolls and parking meters, while road tax and overhaul cost around 240 euros.“. In short, the preferred means of transport for Italians to move is almost becoming a luxury item that does not only affect the pockets of the richest.

The details of the costs

In total, according to Assoutenti’s analysis, managing a car absorbs about 18.7% of an average income and represents 11% of a family’s annual expenditure, just over a tenth. Italy, then, remains the third country in Europe to have the highest taxes with the state collecting 75 billion euros on excise duties, VAT, taxes and various stamps. But the bad news isn’t over yet. “From next November 1st, the tax for the revision car will be more salty, and will go from 45 euros to 54.90 euros, with a + 22% increase in the rate”- underlines Truzzi.

But how do you get to € 3,361 per year? Here is six o’clock voices “indicted”: for fuels the average amount exceeds two thousand euros (2,011); in second place is the RC auto with an average cost of 360 euros; for stamp duty and revision, compulsory taxes, about 240 euros are spent. Oil and spare parts cost 250 euros while ordinary maintenance and repairs cost up to 390 euros. The last item concerns tolls and parking meters for which an average expenditure of 110 euros per year was measured. So, calculator in hand, here is the ceiling of three thousand euros.

What is the solution

In reality, there is no magic wand: keeping and maintaining a car costs money. However, that electric it would at least help to eliminate the costs for fuel (over 2 thousand euros) even if the prices for the purchase and the critical issues related to the charging stations remain high, still highly insufficient in many cities.

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