Alitalia, I was part of the engine workshop and I was purged: my story

by Massimo Minelli

Four days ago 90% of Italians finally breathed a sigh of relief. Alitalia no longer flies (on the transition to ITA we would have to write a horror book). They breathe a sigh of relief because they finally don’t have to keep all that anymore unspecified number of addicts, parasites and idlers (I’m ironic).

I have not been part of Alitalia since 2008, victim together with 274 other colleagues of the purge of the engine workshop wanted by the brave captains of Berlusconi memory. At the time, the AZ engine workshop was merged into the bad company and sold to a private entity: AZ thus passed from merchant to customer.

December 2013, I and two other colleagues were sent to Tel Aviv at Bedek -IAI for a repair (Top Case) on a Cf680c2B6f engine of a Boeing 767 end of Alitalia leasing, which became necessary because Bedek did not have in his capability list said engine. They gave us the space to work in the hangar where they were carrying out a heavy intervention (I don’t remember if a “C” or a “D”) on an Alitalia 777 (this already made me nervous and not a little). The following day I saw a team of Lufthansa Technik technicians arrive with a nice new complete trolley, nice overhauled … they pulled down the ineffective one and replaced it. I turned to my colleague, also astonished, and said to him: “But how! we have a trolley department that is a jewel, an a / m overhaul that is a show and we eat these by creating redundancies and layoffs at our home?”.

After two years and Etihad not only did not bring these works “in house” but also gave him the contract for the engines, and this decreed our end – of the series: when there is money involved, Arabs and Israelis always get along well, especially if the Prime Minister is a sponsor of the Arabs themselves (Renzi).

This is but a small episode (there are others and of greater entity) that absolutely does not want to justify the enormous waste of public money paid by the Italian taxpayer to Alitalia, but to make the public think a little about where their money has gone.

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