He had to take a flight from Palermo to Bologna: he finds himself in Poland

October 23, 2021 12:40 pm

The 69-year-old, deaf and dumb from birth, received no assistance at the airport and boarded the wrong plane

Originally from the province of Trapani, the woman had to pick up on Wednesday evening Ryanair flight of 22.20 to Bologna from the Sicilian port of Punta Raisi. Arriving at the gate too early, she slipped into the first queue she saw. Boarding was right, but the destination much further away: Wroclaw, a Polish city almost 300 kilometers from Krakow. He gets on the plane, settles in his seat (the same as the original ticket) and takes off at 21.20. Neither the ground attendants nor the flight attendants notice the mistake and our compatriot lands in Poland. As if that were not enough, he did not have a telephone sim valid for abroad.

A passenger on her flight understands the situation and together with a cleaner gives her a cell phone. So the Italian gets in touch with her daughter and granddaughter, who were waiting for her at the Marconi airport in Bologna. It moves the Italian consulate in Krakow and you can organize the night transfer. The woman takes the Krakow-Bologna plane the next day and manages to return home. The niece reports to the Rest of the Carlino the lack of assistance at Palermo airport: “No one has ever stopped us to provide help”. And again: “Why didn’t they check Grandma’s ticket ashore or once I got on board?”

The two relatives went to the police station to report the affair. Answer: Grandma has returned home, so there is no crime.


flight Palermo Bologna finds Poland

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