how to save on your gas bill

In various areas of Italy, radiators have been turned on. This year they could cost a little more due to the increase in the gas bill: here’s how to save

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Now we are, in different areas of the Beautiful country i have been turned on warm ups as per practice every year. An important moment that allows people to have a source of heat, but which at the same time entails a greater energy expenditure and then of money.

This year, however, this step could cost Italians much more dearly, up to 645 euros more on the gas bill. So it is good to take precautions and find the right countermeasures to contain expenses and at the same time have a warm house.

Turning on radiators: how to save on your bill

Before going into the question, however, it is useful to know the complete calendar with the dates on which the radiators will be accessed in the various regions of Italy.

Going instead into the detail of the matter, the increase that the radiators could lead to the gas bill have been estimated by at 645 euros per family. This is the most “dramatic” forecast should commodity prices continue to rise.

If, on the other hand, they were to remain unchanged, spending would have to increase on average by 325 euros per year. Radiators represent about 85% of the annual gas consumption, so it is good to keep these precious tips in mind to get good savings.

First of all it is necessary to use thermostatic valves in the right way. In condominiums they are mandatory and allow not to exceed the temperatures set in each room. Another trick is to keep them to a minimum in the less frequented rooms. In the others it can also exceed a little more, but without exceeding 20 °. Each degree less results in a 10% saving on fuel consumption.

But it doesn’t stop there. A key step to follow to take the road to saving is to bleed the radiators as the air that accumulates can reduce their effectiveness. This triggers a mechanism that obstructs the circulation of water. This leads to a reduction in heat output and more energy is consumed.

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The difference in the bill also makes the time in which the devices remain on. If the environment has reached a good level of heat it is useless to keep them activated. Last but not least diktat, radiators should never be covered. The radiators must remain free so that the air can circulate freely without alterations that could have an impact on consumption.

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