Zattera 24M, the yacht born from an idea of ​​Renzo Piano (with hybrid engine) –

Zattera 24M, the yacht born from an idea of ​​Renzo Piano (with hybrid engine) –
Zattera 24M, the yacht born from an idea of ​​Renzo Piano (with hybrid engine) –

Follow the sound of the sea by sailing slowly: the dimension of serenity and peace at sea. the philosophy of WITHattera 24M, project by Nauta Design and Francesco Rogantin born from an idea of ​​Renzo Piano and Olav Selvaag. Under construction at the Castagnola Yacht shipyard in Lavagna (GE), Zattera 24M is a 23.96 meter long log with a beam of 7.20 meters and has a displacement hull.

Hybrid propulsion system

The hybrid propulsion system developed by Mase Generators for Siemens Energy with Volvo Penta D4-300 engines consisting of two 180 kW diesel generators and a 95 kWh battery pack, connected to a 700 Volts direct current distribution system, which powers both the propulsion and the other on-board utilities. The direct drive system with two shaft lines allows 12 knots of maximum speed and 10.5 knots of cruising. The interiors of Zattera 24M include, on the lower deck, the owner’s cabin, two guest cabins, the galley, the crew area and the engine room. The main deck in the name of large spaces.

L’Heritage 9.9

Zattera 24M follows the presentation of Heritage 9.9 just a few weeks later the historic Castagnola di Lavagna shipyard, founded in 1974 by shipwright Giovanni Castagnola, presented at the 61st Genoa Boat Show. The result of a project from cstrongly green features and made with a mix of wood and carbon, this day cruiser and chase boat born from an idea of ​​Gabriele Maestri, grandson of Giovanni Castagnola. Developed by the Nauta Design studio of Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino and, for naval engineering, by the Names studio of Francesco Rogantin, the Heritage 9.9 built with the strip-planking technique. This is a technique that consists in applying a thin layer of carbon fiber and epoxy resin to the wooden hull. A process, conceived and patented by Maestri himself, which goes by the name of Wood in Tech Skin.

The engine

With a length of 10.51 meters overall and 9.90 meters of hull, the Heritage 9.9 is also the heart of a project that arises from the collaboration of Castagnola with Punch Hydrocell, a branch of Punch Torino, a company specialized in innovative hydrogen-based applications. It uses General Motors flagship product 6.6L V8 Duramax turbo-diesel engines, of which Punch Torino is the official distributor for the Emea and Apac markets. The engines develop the power of 500 HP each, thus reaching a total value of 1000 HP, capable of propelling the boat at remarkable speeds. The engines are based on units originally built for the automotive sector and benefit from extensive validation and extremely strict quality controls that are difficult to apply to the limited volumes of marine engines. The engine control unit for marine use was developed by General Motors with the support of Punch Torino.


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