when, how it works and best offers on Amazon and beyond

The Black Friday 2021 approaches. Also this year will be held the most anticipated shopping event of the year, the one where people go hunting for offers and discounts online and in stores ahead of the Christmas season. Born in the United States over thirty years ago, the Black Friday is now a global tradition, which has also conquered theItaly.

Millions of users flock to sites like Amazon, MediaWorld, Unieuro but not only, to try to grab the latest smartphones, computers, hi-tech devices, appliances, video games etc. at a reduced price.

If you are also anxiously waiting for it but you don’t know when is Black Friday, how long does it last this year, when the offers start and how they work, here are all the useful things to know.

When is Black Friday 2021?

The date to be circled on the calendar is November 26, 2021. As usual, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, which this year falls on Thursday 25 November. Closely linked to this holiday, the date of Black Friday can therefore change every year: in 2020 it was held on Friday 27 November, while in 2019 it was the 29.

The tradition comes from the Sixties where Black Friday meant the day when American shopkeepers went to favor shopping and shopping about a month before Christmas, offering discounts that could reach up to 80% (thus going to grant a huge savings margin for those wishing to anticipate gifts at a great price).

Where did this particular name come from? Many refer to the account book that was used by traders at the time, compiled using black ink for all positive and active accounts. Very often due to the Friday after Thanksgiving these accounts went black thus explaining the name and origin of the discounts.

Another theory instead has it that the name Black Friday derives from the traffic due to the multitude of people who flock to the streets and shops in search of discounts and offers valid only for the day.

When Black Friday starts

In theory, if we are to be precise, Black Friday 2021 starts at midnight on Friday 27 November and ends at 11.59 pm on the same day. In reality, however, even if we talk about Black Friday as a day of offers, it is such an important anniversary for companies that the offers start from Monday (if not before), to conclude after the weekend with the Cyber Monday, which this year will be the 29 november.

This is the case ofAmazon Black Friday, which starts earlier than the date of Black Friday, and lasts until the following Monday. For this we speak of Black Week: Amazon has not yet announced the dates of Black Friday 2021, but we can expect the offers on the portal to start from Monday 22 November, to end at 24.00 on Monday 29 November.

On the occasion of the Black Friday di Amazon be customers Prime it can be an advantage not to be underestimated, both in terms of the timing of shipments, which under Black Friday and over Christmas can have problems, and for the possibility of being the first to access some offers. Signing up for Amazon Prime is free for the first 30 days, then the subscription costs 3.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year.

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Black Friday 2021 in Italy: where to find the best offers

Virtually everyone, physical stores and e-commerce, adhere to offerte del Black Friday. The most famous Black Friday is undoubtedly that of Amazon, with discounts that can also reach 70%, but the sites of Apple, MediaWorld, Unieuro, Euronics, Trony, ePrice, eBay, GameStop and all the best known brands, from clothing to accessories, up to products for the home and beauty.

Amazon Black Friday 2021

As we have said, on Amazon the Black Friday offers are not limited to a single day, but begin to be available starting from the previous Monday: it is called Amazon Black Week and prepares users for the main hours of shopping on sale.

Under Black Friday the discounts can be up to 70%, but you have to be quick because the Offers are timed and the best items are snapped up quickly.

The operation of Amazon Black Friday is very simple and usually follows very specific rules: from the moment the event kicks off, the discounts appear on the site with a timer.

Promotions are usually divided into:

  • Timed offers, which expire when stocks or time have run out
  • Deals of the day, which expire after stocks or at midnight
  • Featured offers, which remain available for the duration of Black Friday while stocks last.

Unlike Amazon Prime Day, where the offers are aimed exclusively at Prime customers, during Black Friday everyone can get the balances, as long as they have an Amazon account.

However, it is worth being Prime member for a number of benefits such as unlimited deliveries in one working day, same day or 1 or 2 hour delivery. Access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, Prime Photos, in-game content every month with Twitch Prime and discounts reserved for subscribers.

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Black Friday 2021, how does it work? Tips and tricks for spending better

It is not easy to find your way around the sea of ​​offers and discounts provided by Black Friday 2021, especially online. For this, it is appropriate Make a list of the desired items, do a little research in the various online stores and shops comparing prices and offers, in order to get a precise idea of ​​the pros and cons and without stopping at the first discount displayed (which could sometimes be a mistake).

When at the end you are sure it is essential to conclude the purchase: the influx of requests and demand in the days of Black Friday is enormous and it is really easy not to find an article with a long stake.

Maximum attention to scams, which never fail and multiply during the days preceding and following the initiative. We have drawn up some rules to follow to make the most of Black Friday 2021, here are our tips:

Move early

Making a conscious and sensible purchase requires knowledge, preparation and research. Read the reviews, make a list of the average prices and arrive prepared: this way you will avoid getting lost during the sea of ​​Black Friday offers.

Sign up for newsletters and set alerts

Staying up to date on news, arrivals and dealer promotions for Black Friday is very important. Put in the cart or save the desired products well in advance, as soon as midnight strikes you will already have the desired item, or desired, ready to order. Even setting alerts through various practical online tools can be useful to be warned about every minimum price variant.

Enter the sites well in advance

Black Friday is almost crowded, even online. Servers are being stormed and you may not be able to easily navigate even the most popular shopping portals. Better to arrive prepared and open the site you intend to buy from in advance.

Compare prices and offers first

Do you want to grab theiPhone 13 o 13 Proon offer on Amazon but also MediaWorld or ePrice have affordable prices? If you want to be sure of getting the maximum savings, compare the offers of retailers without forgetting any shipping costs and payment methods.

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