The price increases come under the tree, panettone 10% more expensive compared to Christmas 2020. Increases also for bread

After petrol and bills, the panettone. According to the Milanese bakers this Christmas the the price of the famous dessert will be at least 10% higher than last year. It is the fault of raw materials, including food, which are pushing prices along the entire supply chain. The bread is already suffering from this, the “michetta” is increased by 1 or 2 cents per loaf. Difficult to notice but multiplied by the thousands of loaves sold and bought, every day, the figures become more significant. THE bakers remember how in a few months the cost of flour has risen by 80% and price increases are also recorded for butter, yeasts, oil, jams and chocolate. The energy bill for the ovens is also overheated.

The trend looks set to continue, if not intensify. “In the national supply chain of wheat there is great concern for the sudden surge in prices which has been occurring for months; the increase in production costs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, and the drastic reduction of world production, with stocks at a five-year low due to declines in Canada, the United States and Russia “, underlined today, underlined by Copagri, the Confederation of agricultural producers who today took part in the durum and soft wheat table held at the Ministry of Agricultural Policies.

The problem of price increases is widespread globally. Yesterday in the United States John Catsimatidis, owner of the New York supermarket chain Gristedes and D’Agostino Foods said he expects product prices to rise in the order of 10% in the next two months in light of what many suppliers have already suggested. In addition to the rising prices of raw materials, the flare-up in prices would also be due to the problems of the supply chain and therefore of supplies.

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