Scandinavian Airlines, no more masks on board the planes

The battle against Covid-19 continues with good success almost all over the world. And to show some of the first results of this contrast is the airline Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) which has made it known that it will no longer require you to wear masks on flights within Scandinavia itself.

Sweden, where the carrier is headquartered, has adopted a non-blocking pandemic approach from the outset. And, probably, it is precisely for this reason that we have come to no longer require passengers to use the mask on flights (here all the clarifications on the masks to wear on the plane) within the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark , starting October 18, 2021.

The flag carrier of the three Nordic nations is the largest global carrier to have abolished this health security policy. While Qatar Airways, one of the best airlines in the world, had tried to allow business class passengers to use masks according to their will. An experiment that however ended with the new request, for all travelers, to wear them anyway.

Returning to SAS, it is good to specify that all passengers outside Scandinavia will still have to wear masks during flights. This is because the airline will follow the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on non-Scandinavian flights.

Even flights to non-European destinations, including the United States that are approaching to reopen the borders to Italians as well, will maintain the existing requirements on the use of masks.

But that of Scandinavian Airlines it’s a surprising decision as Sweden has faced more Covid-19 cases than any other Nordic country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 1,160,453 cases have been reported in the home country of SAS, which is more than the cumulative cases of Denmark and Norway combined.

However, reported Covid-19 cases and deaths in Sweden are declining following a peak reached in early September, according to WHO data. Norway experienced a similar event at the end of August, but contagions are currently decreasing here too.

Denmark, the first country to fully loosen restrictions, has seen an increase in reported cases of Covid-19 since the end of September. Number that has not yet drastically reduced.

In terms of vaccinations, Reuters data shows that Sweden administered 14,103,587 doses, or enough to vaccinate 68.6% of its population, while Norway administered 7,890,409 doses, about 73.8% of its population. population. Denmark leads the group with 8,811,494 doses administered, which is enough to vaccinate 75.7% of its population.

In short, right or wrong, in the northern countries there is a wind of normality, to the point that the Scandinavian Airlines policy it also applies to unvaccinated travelers. Finally, it is good to remember that HEPA filters are installed on airplanes which, most likely, affect the decision to abolish the use of masks.

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