Inps bonus: € 1,740 to be requested immediately. Who can have it and how

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As part of the bonuses provided by INPS, there is more than one aimed at families and in particular for families with children.

Inps bonus: what is the maternity allowance

Among others we point out the monthly maternity allowance which has been active for over 20 years now, since it was established by law no. 448 of 1998 and entered into force on January 1, 1999.

Starting from that date, the monthly maternity allowance is recognized every year, for the birth, adoption or pre-adoptive fostering of a minor under the age of 6 or 18 in the case of international fostering adoptions.

The law provides for the bonus in question to be revalued every year based on the change in the ISTAT consumer price index for blue-collar and white-collar families.

Maternity allowance: 1,740.6 euros for the year 2021

For the year 2021, the variation is equal to -0.3%, but article 1, paragraph 287, of law no. 208, provides that the adjustment percentage cannot be less than zero.

For this reason, the amount of the maternity allowance has not changed with respect to last year.
For 2021, the bonus is equal to € 348.12 for five months, therefore corresponding to a total of € 1,740.6.

This amount, if fully due, is disbursed in a lump sum by the INPS for births, pre-adoptions and adoptions in the period between 1 January and 31 December 2021.

Maternity bonus: who can have it. Here are the requirements

The bonus of € 1,740.6 for this year is reserved for unemployed mothers, but can also be requested by working mothers, provided that they are not entitled to the maternity allowance of INPS or to the remuneration for the period of maternity. .

In these two cases, if the amount is lower than that received, the working mother can request a reduced maternity allowance, as a supplement.

To benefit from this bonus it is also necessary to comply with the income requirements, given that the beneficiary must have an ISEE not exceeding € 17,416.66, with reference to the questions relating to the events that occurred in 2021.

The maternity allowance is due for each child and in the event of a twin birth or the adoption or fostering of several minors, it is recognized for each of them.

Maternity bonus: when is it due to a person other than the mother?

In particular cases, the bonus can be requested by a person other than the mother, for example by the father when the mother is a minor (the father, however, must be of age), in the event of the death of the mother or sole custody to the father.

In other cases, the adopter, the pre-adoptive foster or the non-pre-adoptive foster can apply for the maternity allowance.

Inps bonus: when, how and where to submit the application

The application to receive the bonus must be presented to the Municipality of residence within six months of the occurrence of the event, either from the birth of the child or from the entry into the family of the adopted / fostered minor.

The application must be accompanied by a single substitute declaration and a self-certification in which you declare that you are in possession of the requirements to receive the maternity allowance.

The allowance is paid by INPS after the Municipality has transmitted all the data of the mother necessary for the payment and is paid within 60 days from the date on which the social security institution has received the data from the Municipality.

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