Bonus without ISEE, € 200 for everyone! Click Day on November 8!

The wind of change that hovers in these times also affects the holiday bonus which is transformed and a new contribution called bonus term, so as to favor the sectors most affected by the crisis.

This is a bonus that can be requested from the next November 8 and offers citizens one Discount equal to 100%, within the maximum of 200 euro, on the amounts spent for the services offered by a spa, also for beauty and wellness services.

For the structures who want to join the initiative will need to register through the platform made available by Invitalia and the Ministry for Economic Development (BET), which will be active from October 28, 2021.

The bonus does not have any kind of requirement and, as the MISE itself warns, it is open to all adult citizens regardless of income ISEE, but it will be available and payable only until the funds, which amount to 53 million euros.

So waiting for November 8, which we could define as a click day, when the time window opens at requests of request, let’s see what the requirements are and how the new one works spa bonus without ISEE.

Spa bonus without ISEE and other requirements, what does this contribution consist of?

The spa bonus was introduced with the DL 104/2020 (art. 29-bis) and had his work from the MISE implementing decree on July 1 this year.

The operation of the bonus term it is very similar to that of the bonus holidays 2021 and consists of a coupon, with which a discount is applied, at the time of payment for services at accredited spas.

The offered amount is 100% of the costs, all applicable as discount on invoice, but will have a maximum figure of 200 euro. This means that, if the price to pay for the service is lower, it will be for free, while if the amount to be paid exceeds 200 euros, the excess will be borne by the holder of the spa bonus.

In any case, the voucher must be used in a single purchase and it will not be possible, if the amount to be paid is below 200 euros, to use the remaining credit for a second expense.

Potential beneficiaries of the bonus term they are all adult citizens permanently resident in Italy and are not required high requirements nor of nature ISEE, nor of any other kind.

On an explanation of the bonus term she also lingered Scratch The News in one of his YouTube videos:

How do you apply for the spa bonus and how to choose the spa facility?

As for the request for the spa bonus, this will be managed by the MISE and Invitalia. To get it Discount of 200 euros it will be necessary to book one of the services offered by the thermal institutions that adhere to the initiative. The complete list of authorized spa facilities it will be published on the website of the Ministry and Invitalia in time for November 8, when it will be possible to start booking vouchers.

Once the voucher reservation the spa will issue the recipients of the spa bonus with the receipt of the reservation. From now on they will be there 60 days available to use the voucher for the service or stay booked, after which time it will expire.

In short, unlike the holiday bonus and other contributions the thermal institutions directly assign the spa bonuses to applicants, also because we repeat it, there are no requirements for access to the benefit, which is up to each citizen over 18 years of age.

This means that it can be used by more people in the same family, it will in fact be provided until the funds run out and it will then be up to the structure to request the reimbursement due, for the money advanced by applying the discount on the spa bonus.

The booking of the spa bonus, at the start November 8, in short, it will consist of a click day, where those who arrive first have a better chance of obtaining the contribution.

Everything that is not possible with the spa bonus

If he spa bonus is open to all adult citizens residing in Italy, Invitalia, the agency that deals with the management of the contribution with the MISE, also warns about what it is not possible to do:

  • the good cannot be sold to third parties neither for payment nor free of charge;
  • it cannot be used for hospitality e catering;
  • it is not applicable if the service is already covered by the SSN (National Health Service).

While if the holder of the spa bonus is entitled to some deduction for the part of the services at the spa paid for by hand, these will continue to be deductible for tax purposes.

Instructions for spas who want to join the spa bonus initiative

As for the structures that want to join the initiative and assign the spa bonus to their customers, the initiative is open to all thermal institutions, i.e. VAT numbers associated as a prevalent activity to Ateco 2007 code 96.04.20.

However, these will have to pre-register on a special one platform online managed by Invitalia starting from October 28. In any case, a page dedicated to the spa bonus has been created on the MISE website to check for updates.

According to an operation that for the structures is similar to that of many incentives, they will have to be accredited, that is, first of all, register on the Invitalia platform to communicate that they want to join the spa bonus initiative, by logging in with their credentials. SPID.

During the registration phase, which takes place with an online procedure, a series of information:

  • the personal data of the spa structure, including the details of the authorization for the start of the activity. Such authorization it must also be attached;
  • the data necessary in order to provide the refunds for advance vouchers, such as bank details;
  • attach a copy of the declaration with which the structure acquires the consent by users for the transfer of personal data to Invitalia.

After the procedure, which in technical jargon is called a request for accreditation, the necessary checks will be carried out and the spa will be notified if the request has been accepted or not.

If the request to participate in the spa bonus initiative is rejected, Invitalia will notify the structure, also explaining the reasons that led to this choice by the agency.

Once it has become a spa facility accredited to the use of bonus term, then for the same it will be possible book the individual vouchers to be assigned to customers.

How do spas request reimbursement for the spa bonus?

Once finished the course of treatment at the facility by the beneficiary of the spa bonus, within a period that cannot go beyond 45 days from the beginning of the treatments, once the institution has issued the invoice, it can request a refund of the previously booked voucher. If the request is not made within this period then the refund will lapse.

This operation must be done in this way, first of all by accessing the Invitalia platform of the bonus end with the SPID, then selecting the reservation for which you want to request a refund and then entering all the data relating to the service, including the amount of the same and the discount applied as a spa bonus.

When applying for a refund, it will be necessary to attach a series of documents:

  • the bill referred to the service covered by the single spa bonus;
  • the declaration of the body that certifies that the customer beneficiary of the spa bonus has consented to the processing of personal data as established by the legislation dictated by the GDPR;
  • the statements of the legal body of the spa who certify that all the regulations for the services have been respected.

Once this last procedure has been carried out, the reimbursement of the amounts due as a spa bonus will be obtained through a payment to the current account of the structure.

Spa bonus and holiday bonus 2021. Can they be used together?

As for the cumulation of the spa bonus with the 2021 holiday bonus, from a legal point of view there is no technical impediment in using the two bonuses if they are made different purchases, using, for example, the former for spa, wellness or beauty services and the latter for an overnight stay at the same or a different facility. But the two vouchers cannot be applied simultaneously to the same purchase.

Put simply, in general who is the holder of the holiday bonus, even if he has not yet used the voucher which remains valid until December 31, 2021, however, can also request the spa bonus and then use it to purchase a different service. In any case, the two discounts never apply to the same expense.

No IO App for the spa bonus, you can book directly at the hotel

Summarizing what has been said so far, the bonus term as announced by MISE itself together with Invitalia has no requirements of any kind and it is up to each citizen over 18 who resides permanently in Italy.

It consists of a discount coupon which covers the costs of spa services at accredited facilities, at 110% of the costs, but within the limit of 200 euro.

The reservation of the spa bonuses must be made directly by requesting the vouchers at the spa facility chosen from the list of accredited ones, a list that will soon be published on the MISE website. No particular procedures are therefore required to be carried out through the App IO, as in the case of the 2021 holiday bonus, or in general on external platforms.

The reservation of the spa bonuses will be possible starting from 8 November and the vouchers will be disbursed until the funds are exhausted.

For structures that want to be accredited and participate in the initiative, the possibility of registering using the Invitalia platform will open on October 26. Since the incentive is managed by Invitalia which establishes the registration procedure, access to the portal will be possible for spas only through SPID.

Why does the spa bonus not have access requirements?

If at this point someone is wondering why the bonus term he is so generous that he does not foresee any requirement for the beneficiaries, the motivation lies in the fact that it is not intended primarily as an aid to citizens.

Rather, it is part of those measures in support of sectors that have been more affected than others by the crisis, due to the restrictions activated in order to contain the Covid-19 epidemic. In this regard, we would like to remind you that, with the without spa bonuses, access to the common parts of the structures is only allowed with the Green Pass.

This also explains why this incentive provided by the previous government Conte he was not canceled by the executive Draghi which instead proceeded with the issue of its implementing decree.

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