First home mortgages, you change. The Region tests the interest subsidy

Change, in Valle d’Aosta, the distribution system of regional first home mortgages.

To communicate itDepartment Everyone Finances, after the approval, in today’s meeting of the council, of the bill with the measure of interest subsidies in support of the first home, before moving to the regional council.

“The suspension of first home mortgages has been known for some time – explains the Councilor Carlo Marzi -. In the last 12 months we have implemented actions that have reduced the outstanding mortgage requests, which amounted, at our establishment, to 85.3 million euros up to the current ones 21.5 million euros, which we would like to resolve in the first months of next year “.

“In parallel, as requested by the Board in recent years – adds Marzi -, it is therefore adopted on an experimental basis the interest subsidy, only one, which lowers the interest rate for individuals who got their first home loan from their bank. The aim, to tend, is to offer the two forms of active support that can coexist without overlapping, as they are aimed at different targets. It remains essential for the Region to intervene on support for the first home loan also with this further solution because support for the purchase of the first home has by its very nature a social connotation and help to families ”.

The experimental period for granting interest subsidies to support the first home is limited to the three-year period 2021-2023. The measure will be disbursed in a single advance payment for reduce the fixed rate of interest applied on bank loans, lasting no more than thirty years, for a maximum of one and a half percentage points.

The bill provides that the Regional Council approves the subjective and objective requirements for access to the subsidy, the maximum admissible expenditure, the percentage reduction in the interest rate, the calculation of the current value of the grant that can be granted and the procedural methods for obtaining and disbursing the facilitation will be governed by a subsequent resolution, once the law has been approved.

The application of the measure results in a burden quantified in 6 million euros in the three-year period 2021-2023, 1.5 million of which for the year 2021, and 2 million 250 thousand for both 2022 and 2023.

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